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Hello, welcome to ESCAPE ROOM by Identity Games. As is the case in many Escape Rooms across the world, you are "locked in" in this game and the object is to find the codes to "escape" within 60 minutes by solving puzzles and riddles.

Use your brain! Teamwork, good communication, ingenuity, creativity, logic and attention for detail are also very important.

This box contains 4 thrilling adventures in ascending order of difficulty. Just like in a 'real life' Escape Room, you can only play each game once. You can buy the extensions once you've played them all.

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge?


  • Chrono Decoder
  • 16 Keys
  • 8 Hint cards per adventure
  • Hint Decoder
  • Prison Break Adventurer
  • Virus Adventurer
  • Nuclear Countdown Adventurer
  • Temple of the Aztec Adventurer
App and website

Download the app for extra (thematic) background music and to share a photo of your team and your moment of victory on social media.

Check out the website for FAQ's and introduction letters of each of the adventures. You will also find parts that you can print yourself. After finishing an adventure you can read how you should have solved the adventure and where you could have found the hidden clues…


Place 3× AA batteries in the Chrono Decoder and collect all the keys. Find the components and the hint cards that correspond to the adventure you are going to play.

Always play adventure 1 (Prison Break) first, then adventure 2, and the other adventures due to the increasing difficulty level. Make sure everyone has pen and paper ready.

Make sure you have good lighting and sit together so everyone has a good view of everything. Carefully examine the details on the keys and the Chrono Decoder before you start the game.

Object of the Game

Each adventure has 3 parts. In each part, you must find a code consisting of 4 keys that you enter into the Chrono Decoder. Find 3 correct codes within 60 minutes to win the game.

Game Play

Never open an envelope or sealed item unless you are specifically indicated to do so.

Take envelope part 1 of the adventure that you have chosen and calmly read out loud the introduction letter on the back of this envelope or watch the video on the website.

You may then open the envelope. Check if the contents of the envelope match the description under the back flap. Is it complete? Remove all items from the frame.

Then switch on the Chrono Decoder by sliding the button on the bottom to 'on' and then press START. The clock will start counting down exactly 60 minutes and the game has begun!

If you want to play the extra music using the app, press the play button in the app at the same time that you press the start button.

All the players proceed to check all the provided materials very carefully on front and backside. Search for clues, codes, riddles and (parts of) puzzles and work as a team. Once you find the first of the 3 codes, take the 4 matching keys and enter these into the Chrono Decoder.

If the code is correct, you hear a 'confirmation' sound.

You can open the next part of the adventure and proceed to decipher the second code. After the third correct code has been entered, you will hear victory music and the time will stop.

Chrono Decoder

During the game, you will occasionally come across the text or logo ER. This is important information as it means that you must convert something using 1 of the decoder systems on the two sides of the Chrono Decoder or use information from the top and front of the device.

Never use the Chrono Decoder unless you get the text or ER logo. Each adventure requires only 1 cipher type. Study the ciphers carefully before starting the game

Entering a code

Once you find a code, place the 4 keys from left to right into the Chrono Decoder.

If the code entered is incorrect, you'll hear an 'error' sound and 1 minute will be deducted from the remaining time. Try to find the right code again.

You cannot continue until this code has been cracked. If the code is correct, you'll hear a 'confirmation' sound and the clock will continue. Always remove the keys from the Chrono Decoder after entering a code.


This is crucial information!

The game' includes 16 keys. These 16 keys have 6 different key sides, each stating different information corresponding with the codes you wil1 find during the game. The other keys are exact copies.

If you look closely, you will see that 2 keys (with the circle and the square) have exactly the same front and back. The other 2 keys have a different front and back. Examine the keys carefully before starting the game!

Hint Cards

Each adventure contains 8 numbered hint cards. You will occassionally hear a 'beepbeep' sound to indicate that you can take a hint card. You can opt not to read it (yet), but that is challenging. To read the hint card, slide it into the Hint Decoder.

All adventures require the use of the Hint Decoder that you will find in adventure 1.

Always read hint cards carefully and completely! If you do not need the hint, this means you are on the right track and on schedule.

  1. Number: this is the order in which you have to take tire hint cards.
  2. Part 1, 2 or 3: the hint concerns that part of the adventure.
  3. Answers: some hints contain the answer to the correct code. Decide together if you want to use these now, later or not at all.
  4. Time: never read a hint card before the time that is shown on the card, has passed.

End of the Game

If you have entered 3 correct codes into the Chrono Decoder within 60 minutes, you'll hear 'victory' music and you have won the game.

Congratulations, you now belong to ±75% of the players who got out of the Escape Room in time!

Take a picture of the group showing the time on the display and share this on social media using the app. If you were unsuccesfull in finding all correct codes within 60 minutes you will hear the 'losing' sound and the time will start counting up.

You can still proceed to find the code(s). The decoder will work the same way it did before, but without final 'victory' music. Don't forget to switch off the Chrono Decoder when you're finished.

Were you unsuccessful or are you curious which clues you missed, then have a look at and read how you should've solved the adventure...

If other people want to play the game too, you can print all the 'used' parts with a print icon on it and replace them in the game.

Make sure you put everything in the correct envelope. Once you have played all 4 adventures, you can expand the game by purchasing new thrilling adventures!


  • Keep the communication open, share all information, time is precious!

  • You do not need to break anything to find clues, but you are allowed to fold or write on some items. This is indicated by a print icon.

  • Take as many notes as possible, it may help you to see new connections.

  • No foreknowledge is required to solve the adventures. Anyone can do this.

  • Use helpful devices on your phone like: flashlight, calculator, etc.

  • Read the rules out loud before playing and keep them nearby.

  • You will become frustrated, but that is part of experiencing an Escape Room. Go through all of the steps together one more time to see if you can discover any errors in logic. Study all materials again, front and back, and check and compare all notes everybody wrote down! Never give up! The answers are literally in front of you!

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