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When this adorable elephant takes a deep breath and blows, dozens of colorful butterflies fly out of his 4-foot trunk! Can you catch them in your butterfly net?


  • ELEFUN body
  • 4-foot trunk attached to a plastic ring
  • 4 butterfly nets
  • 4 plastic handles and rims
  • 30 butterflies
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To be the player who catches the most butterflies!

Assembly Nets

  1. Turn the net handle over so the word "ELEFUN" is facing down.

  2. Insert the unattached end of the rim into the opening in the top edge of the net. Then slide the net around the rim.

  3. Push the net back out of the way.

  4. Lock the rim into the handle to complete the circle:

    1. Slide the square end of the rim into the square hole in the handle;

    2. Push down on the rim to tilt up the end and continue to push the rim past the narrow area until you can lower and lock it into the square hole.

  5. Repeat with the remaining nets.


Remove the trunk by putting your hand around the plastic ring and lifting it off. Do not pull the trunk itself. Put all of the butterflies into the elephant's head.

Press the trunk's wide plastic ring down over his nose opening. Make sure the ring is on straight and pressed down as far as it will go. It will not screw or snap in place; just push it on.

Set the elephant on the floor in the center of the play area, which should be clear of other objects.

Each player takes a butterfly net.

Game Play

Turn Elefun on by sliding the ON/OFF switch to the ON position.

Lift up the trunk so it is fully extended and points straight up in the air. During the game, make sure the trunk stays fully extended and open.

Important: Never cover the trunk opening with your net.

Everyone plays at once. Catch the butterflies as they come out of the trunk.

Players may also pick up butterflies off the floor with their hands and put them into their nets.

Ending the game

The game ends when the elephant has blown the last butterfly out of his trunk.

The elephant is meant to blow out most of the butterflies in less than 2 minutes. (If butterflies get caught inside his head and are not blown out, turn him off and end the game).

Once the elephant has been turned off, players count the butterflies in their nets.

End of the Game

If you catch the most butterflies, you win! If there is a tie, play again.


If the butterflies are not blowing out properly:

  • Turn the elephant off and remove his truck. With your hand, mix up the butterflies.

  • If this does not help, it may be time to change the batteries.

  • ELEFUN is intended to be placed on the floor and will not operate if lifted during play.

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