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Dungeon Mayhem is a free-for-all battle for two to four players. Play as one of four different characters. Each character's tricks, gear, and skills are represented by a deck of cards.


  • 4 hit point trackers
  • 4 reference cards
  • 4 hit point tokens
  • 16 damage tokens
  • Four 28-card decks
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the last player left standing and you win!


  1. Choose one of the four character decks.

  2. Take the hit point tracker, hit point token, and reference card that match your deck, and set them on the table in front of you.

  3. Put a token on the number on your hit point counter.

  4. Shuffle the rest of your deck and put it on the table face down. Your play area should look something like this:

Game Play

Everyone draws three cards, and the youngest player goes first. Here's what to do on your turn:

  1. Draw a card from your deck.

  2. Play a card from your hand by putting it onto the table in front of you. Sometimes you can play more than one card in a turn, but you have to play at least one.

    Check your reference card to decide which card you want to play. You can see what all the different cards do on the back of this sheet.

  3. Put all the cards you played this turn into your discard pile unless they have the symbol on them. Cards with the symbol stay on the table in front of you until they are destroyed-then they also go to the discard pile.

  4. Pass the turn to the player on your left.

Did you play all your cards?

If you don't have any cards left in your hand, congrats! Draw two more cards.

Did you run out of cards in your deck?

No problem! Just shuffle your discard pile and start your deck over again.

Hit Points

Each player starts the game with 10 hit points. Whenever you play a card that deals damage to another player, they lose hit points (unless they have a card with a symbol).

When you take damage, move the token on your hit point tracker to show how many hit points you have left. If your hit points drop down to zero (the symbol), you're knocked out.

Card Types


Attack cards do damage to your opponents, and each character has their own unique attacks.

When you play an Attack card, choose one player (or Defense card) as the target of that attack. That player loses one hit point for each symbol on the card (unless they have a Defensecard in play - see examples below).

Example 1:This Attack card deals two damage, which is just enough to destroy this Defense card. The Defense card goes to the discard pile.

Example2: This Attack card deals three damage, but this Defense card only has one symbol left.

The Defense card is destroyed, and the target player loses two hit points.


Defense cards protect you by taking damage for you. Here's everything you need to know about them:

  • The number of symbols on a Defense card is the amount of damage that card can take.

  • When you play a Defense card, place it face up on the table in front of you. It stays there until it is destroyed.

  • Put a damage token on one of the symbols for each point of damage it takes. When there are no symbols left, that card is destroyed and goes into the discard pile.

  • You can have more than one Defense card protecting you, and Attack cards can't deal any damage to you until all your Defense cards are destroyed.

  • If an attack card deals more than enough damage to destroy one of your Defense cards, any extra damage goes through to your other Defense cards. Once your last Defense card is destroyed, any extra damage goes through to you.


Playing Draw cards lets you draw extra cards. When you play a Draw card, put one card into your hand for each n symbol on that card.


Healing cards let you recover from damage. When you play a Healing card, you get one hit point back for each «• symbol on that card.

Play Again

Play Again cards let you play more cards on your turn. When you play a Play Again card, you can play one extra card for each @l.jpgsymbol on the card.

Remember, the extra cards you play for each symbol can also be Play Again cards!

Your turn won't end until you have played a card for each symbol on the cards you have used that turn. If you play all the cards in your hand before finishing your Play Again action, draw two more cards from your deck and keep going until you finish.


Some cards have more than one kind of symbol on them. When you play one of those cards, you get to use all the different symbols!

Mighty Powers

Each character has some special abilities that are unique to that character. When you play one of these cards, just do whatever the card says!

End of the Game

Use your cards to deal damage to your opponents, and try not to take any damage yourself. The game ends when only one player is still in the game. That player is the winner!

Sometimes a card can knock out many players at the same time. If no players are left in the game, then it's a tie-so get ready to battle again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use healing cards to get more than 10 hit points?

A: No. Ten is the most you can have.

Q: If I play a card with a f symbol on it, do I have to play another card even if I don't want to?

A: Yes. You always have to play one card for each f symbol on the cards you have already played.

Q: If I use Azzan's mighty power to take a Defense card from another player, what happens if that player gets knocked out

A: You keep that defense card in play until it is destroyed, then give it back to the knocked-out player.

Q: If I use Oriax's mighty power to steal and play a card from another player's deck, whose discard pile does that card go into?

A: The stolen card goes into the discard pile of the player you stole it from.

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