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  • 12 surfer dude cards
  • 12 robot dude cards
  • 12 pizza box dude cards
  • 12 pirate dude cards
  • 12 ghost dude cards
  • 12 cowboy dude cards
  • Instructions


Pick a card color and take those 12 cards.

Look through your cards. The word "dude" appears on each card, along with one of six different characters:

Object of the Game

Quickly find matches for as many of your cards as you can.

The Essence of More Dude

You say the word "dude" as you think the character on your card would say the word "dude".

At the same time, listen to how the other players are saying the word "dude". Trying to figure out if you have the same character as another player is the essence of more dude.

Game Play

  1. Everyone will be playing at the same time for the entire game. There are no turns.

    Shuffle your cards and keep them face down in a stack in your hand.

    On the count of three, flip over your entire stack of cards. They should now be face up in your hand and only you should see your top card.

  2. Say the word "dude" as you think the character on your top card would say the word "dude". Keep saying "dude" in this way until you think someone else has the same card as you.

  3. If you think someone else has the same card, make eye contact with them and say "dude" again another one or two times. Do this until both players making eye contact feel fairly confident that they have the same card.

  4. If both players think they have the same card, then one player should say "sweet" and the other player should say "sweet" back. The word "sweet" is a way for both players to confirm that they think they have a match.

    If and only if you both say "sweet", reveal your cards to see if they match.

  5. If the revealed cards match, then place your card face down in front of you. This is your score pile. Each card in your score pile is worth one point at the end of the game.

  6. If the revealed cards don't match, then discard your card face up into the center of the table. You won't score for that card at the end of the game.

  7. Quickly move on to your next card and repeat the same process. Keep trying to find matches with other players until you have no more cards left in your hand.

  8. If you're stuck on one card or you can't find a match, it helps to pass. You may move your card to the bottom of your deck at any time and come back to it later. Just continue playing with your next card.

End of the Game

When you run out of cards, shout "chill". Everyone else immediately stops play. If you have any cards left in your hand, discard them into the center of the table.

Count the number of cards in your score pile. Each card is worth one point.

The player with the most points wins. If there's a tie, all tied players share the win.

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