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Clash is DropMix's competitive game mode. It's designed for single-players or teams of two, for 2 to 4 players total (ie. 1v1, 1v2, or 2v2).


  • Electronic DropMix board
  • 60 DropMix cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The goal of the game is to drop cards onto the board to build a mix and earn points to reach 21 to win.


The game is played using decks of DropMix cards. Decks can either be the game's pre-built playlists (as indicated by the symbol on the lower right corner of the card, ie. Sweets, Blade, Controller, Highness, or purchasable Playlist packs such as Derby, etc).; using two playlists if playing single-player, or one each if playing 2-player teams, OR a deck can be custom-built, per the following rules:

  • Single-player
    • AT LEAST 30 cards
    • UP TO 80 cumulative power level
    • NO MORE THAN 2 copies of any one card
  • 2-player Team
    • AT LEAST 15 cards per player
    • UP TO 40 cumulative power level per player
    • NO DUPLICATE cards

Note: "Power level" refers to the 3-segment graphic in the top left corner of the card. The card's power level dictates what it can be played on top of during gameplay.

Level 1: 1 point toward deck-building; can be played on empty slots and other level 1 cards.

Level 2: 2 points toward deck-building; can be played on empty slots, level 1 cards, and other level 2 cards.

Level 3: 3 points toward deck-building; can be played on empty slots, level 1 cards, level 2 cards, and other level 3 cards.

Wild cards and FX cards ALWAYS count as 4 points in deck-building, regardless of their shown power level.

Game Play

To start the mode, each participating player drops at least one card from their deck on the board to check into the game (OR simply tap on the corresponding square on the screen).

Dropping on the yellow/red or red slot will designate that player on the left side of the board (facing the device screen), dropping on the blue or green/blue slot will place them on the right side.

If one card is dropped, the playlist symbol for that song will represent that player.

If multiple are dropped, tap the icon on the screen to select a playlist icon among those included in the stack. You may set an optional turn timer, with the options of 15, 30, or 60 seconds.

If a turn is not made before that timer expires, the turn is forfeited. You may also choose to play to either 15 or 21 points.

When the game starts, a spinner will decide which team goes first. All players then shuffle their individual decks, and draw cards from their decks into a hand. Single-players will draw 5 cards to start, members of two-player teams will each draw 3.

Each turn consists of two moves, one by each player on a team in two-player. A move can be either one of two actions:

  1. A player drops a card onto a valid slot. Regular cards may only be played on their corresponding colored slot on the board. Wild cards and FX cards can go on any colored slot.

    Cards may only be dropped on blank slots or on top of cards at or below their power level.

    A card cannot be played anywhere on the board if a copy of the same card is already in play, including on top of the other copy of the card.

    It is possible to retract moves after a card was placed.

    If a player wishes to retract his first move of the turn, they must do so before their second turn. If they wish to retract their second turn, there is a short window before the turn ends, the move must be withdrawn within that window. OR

  2. Hitting the Dropmix button on the board will trigger the Equalizer spinner. When spun, the spinner displays segments containing the three card power levels, along with a segment with an X.

    Whichever segment the spinner lands on, the opponent's cards on the board at that power level will be highlighted in red, and must be cleared off the board and discarded. Each card cleared will subtract a point from the opponent's score.

    If the X is landed on, all the opponent's cards will be cleared. If the spinner lands on a space with no corresponding cards on the board, the move is still considered completed with no action taken.

    If the Equalizer is played as the first move on a two-person team, either teammate may make the next move. It is possible to retract hitting the Equalizer by hitting the button a second time before the spinner begins to slow down.

After two moves are made, the teams will draw cards for their hand. If single-player, the player will draw 2 cards. If two-player team, each player will draw 1 from their respective decks.

Depending on previous moves or cards played, the player may have more or less than the initial draw. Tap the playlist icon on the screen to view how many cards should be in hand at any time during the game.

The maximum number of cards in-hand allowed for single-player is 7, maximum for a member of a two-player team is 5. If the hand is at maximum when the turn ends, no card is drawn.

If a single-player has 6, only 1 is drawn. In the event a game goes long enough that all cards have been played from a player's deck, the player may reshuffle their all discarded cards, including those on the board but covered/not in play, and redraw from that deck.

The opposing player/team follows with their 2 moves. Play continues until one team reaches a score of 21 (or 15 if selected pre-game).


There are multiple ways to score points in DropMix.

  1. Playing any card in a viable slot will gain the player 1 point.

  2. After the first turn, if a color is not present in the mix, eg. a card was removed by an Equalizer spin or covered by an FX (black and white) card, that color will be highlighted on all slots where that color can be played.

    Playing that color in the appropriate slot will gain the player an additional 1 point.

  3. If a player is able to gain control of every slot on the board simultaneously, they will immediately earn an additional 1 point. This is referred to as the "Full Mix Bonus".

  4. If the opponent has no cards on the board and the Equalizer is played, the spinner will have a small (1 in 12) possibility of giving the player 1 point.

  5. Certain FX cards have effects that gain or subtract points for the players, based on the cards currently in play. Those effects will be described below.

FX Cards Icon Key

Notes: When there are multiple symbols following the action icon, ALL shown elements must be met, e.g. if both Red and Blue symbols are shown, the player must have BOTH red and blue cards in play to qualify.

If an action involves an instrument, Wild cards must be on a slot where the active part of the song is playing the necessary instrument to qualify.

This FX card will allow the player to make an additional move, as specified by the other symbol(s) on the card, after playing it. All typical point bonuses will still apply. In a team game, the additional card may be played by either player on the team.

This FX card will allow the player to draw an additional card or cards from the deck. The card's other symbol(s) will dictate whether the card will be drawn from the top or selected manually by the player.

This FX card will remove point(s) from the opponent or both players, as signified by the card's other symbol(s).

This FX card will clear card(s) from the board, as determined by the card's other symbol(s).

These symbols represent the player (white) and/or the opponent (black), respectively. If both are shown, the card affects both players.

This FX card allows the player to reshuffle and redraw his hand from his currently available deck.

This symbol indicates the FX card will apply to blank slots on the board.

These symbols indicate "same song", e.g. the card will apply to pairs of cards from a single song if both played by the player.

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