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You are adventurers, escaping from a mysterious dungeon filled with precious treasure. Until now, everything was going well, but the clinking of treasure has awoken the dungeon's guardian: a terrifying dragon!

All he wants to do is to return to his nap, but the dragon is too proud to let your trespass go unpunished. Before closing his eyes again, he will have to cool down his fiery temper by spitting flames on you and your fellow adventurers.

Run, run, and run some more. Avoid the fiery breath of the dragon and escape the dungeon with as much treasure as you can carry.


  • 10 Location Cards
  • 38 Treasure Cards
  • 7 Character Cards
  • 1 10-sided die
  • 1 Dragon Tile
  • 1 Dragon Token
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Avoid the dragon and escape the dungeon alive, carrying with you the most valuable treasure.


Place the Dragon Tile in the center of the table with the Dragon Token on the square based on the number of players:

  • Square #8 for 5 players
  • Square #7 for 4 players
  • Square #6 for 3 players
  • Square #5 for 2 players

Distribute one Character Card to each player (selected randomly or by choice).

Each player places his Character Card in front of him, with the uninjured side faceup.

Shuffle the 10 Location Cards together to form the facedown Dungeon Deck to the left of the Dragon Tile. (During the game, you will place the discarded Location Cards, face up to the right of the Dragon Tile).

Example for 4 players

Shuffle the Treasure Cards and distribute 4 to each player. Place the remaining cards facedown above the Dragon Tile to form the Treasure Deck.

Game Play

The bravest player begins and play continues in a clockwise direction.

On his turn, the active player must choose to take one of the following Mandatory Actions:

  1. Charge (into the next room)
  2. Hide (in the shadows)
  3. Cry Like a Baby (yes, yes, Adventurers cry too).

1. Charge

The player draws the top Location Card of the Dungeon Deck and places it face up on top of the discard pile, then applies its effects.

2. Hide

First discard Treasure Card(s) with a value of at least I point. Then take a Sneak Test.

Sneak Test

Roll the die then:

A. If the result is higher than the number of Location Cards left in the Dungeon Deck:

  • The Dragon loses I Temper Point. Move the Dragon Token I space down. (Note: If the Dragon loses his last Temper Point, the game ends)

  • Shuffle all the Location Cards back together to reform the Dungeon Deck

  • Choose to either:

    • Charge into the next room

    • Pass the turn to the next player

B. If the result is less than or equal to the number of Location Cards left in the Dungeon Deck:

The active player MUST Charge into the next room.

Note: The 0 side of the die indicates an automatic failure!

3. Cry Like a Baby

The adventurer is so scared by the dragon that he loses all of his dignity (and some of his trea- sure) as he hides behind the other adventurers.

He must pay the price for his cowardice by discarding at least one Treasure Card with a total value of at least 2 points.

Important Note:

There is no change given in the dungeon.

If an adventurer overpays (in order to Advance Cautiously or Cry Like a Baby), the surplus is lost.

Location Cards


The active player is injured by the Dragon's Breath!

If his character is uninjured, flip the Character Card to the injured side.

If he was already injured, then it's over for him. He is reduced to cinders and is eliminated from the game.

Place all of his Treasures into the discard pile, then

  1. The Dragon loses one Temper Point (It spits fire and calms down-a little). Move the Dragon Token one space down.

  2. Shuffle all the Location Cards back together to reform the Dungeon Deck.

It is now the next player's turn to test his luck!

Treasure Hall:

Draw one Treasure Card, then choose to either:

  1. Pass the turn to the next player.

  2. Press your luck. Continue your exploration and take another turn.

Other Location Cards:

Apply the indicated effect on the card, then according to the pictogram on the bottom you must:

Pass the turn to the next player

Take another turn immediately

Potions and Talismans

You can play as many Potions and Talismans as you want at any time during your own turn (in addition to your mandatory action of Charge, Hide, or Cry Like a Baby).


The potions have powerful effects as indicated on the cards. Once played, they are discarded. Only the Annulation Potion can be played during another players' turn (to cancel a potion).


Talismans remain in front of you until the Dungeon Deck is shuffled (at which point any Talismans in play are discarded).

Note: If you ever run out of cards in the Treasure Deck, shuffle all the discarded Treasure Cards back together and place them facedown to form a new draw pile.

Character Cards

Each character has a unique Power, as indicated on its Character Card.

At the beginning of each turn, BEFORE choosing his mandatory action, the active player may choose to use his character's special power.

After the power is resolved, the Character Card is turned at a 90 degree angle, indicating that the power is no longer available until it is reactivated.

All powers are automatically reactivated as soon as the Dragon Location Card is drawn!

End of the Game

The game ends in the two following cases:

  1. The Dragon loses his last Temper Point (the Dragon Token reaches 0).

    The Dragon has calmed down and gone back to sleep, allowing the surviving adventurers to leave the dungeon unpursued. Players count up the gold coins on their Treasure Cards.

    The survivor with the highest valued treasure wins the game. In case of a tie, the game goes to the player with the single highest Treasure Card.

  2. All the Adventurers have been killed by the Dragon. In this event, the Dragon wins the game!

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