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Alternate ways to play:

Beginner's Game

For a simpler game for younger players, make the following changes:

  • Do not auction off the cars. Instead, randomly deal the Speed-8 cards (and their matching driver plaques) to each player so that everyone has the same number of cars. Any leftover cards remain out of play, and their corresponding cars are not controlled by any player.

  • Do not use team powers.

  • Do not deal all the cards at the start of the game. Each player gets a hand of three cards. The rest go in a common draw pile. After a person plays a card, they draw a new card from the draw pile.

  • Do not play with the betting rules.

  • The car of the player that finishes first wins the game.

Two Player Game

For two players, make the following changes:

  • Players do not put the Speed-8 cards into their hands, but instead leave them face up in front of them.

  • After the auction, each player shuffles their speed cards to form a draw pile and draws a hand of 7 cards.

  • On their turn, players may play a card from their hand or use one of their unused (face-up) Speed-8 cards.

  • If a player plays a card from their hand, they draw a replacement card from their draw pile.

Long Distance Races

For those with stamina, play the Long Distance race! In this version you ignore the finish line and keep going until all of the speed cards have been played.

The winner is the player who controls the car that finished farthest ahead. If two or more cars are tied, whoever is on the inside track wins.

World Tour Game

Can't get enough Downforce? Play two games in a row - one on each of the two tracks - and add the two scores together.

Rare Auction Rules

If no one bids on a car/power combination, set it aside. At the end of the auction, if any players are without cars, they will bid, one at a time on any set aside cards. Otherwise these cars race with no one owning them. They may still be bet on.

If a player has no cards matching the color of a car up for bid, they may use a wild card to bid on that car.

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