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The bistro is bustling with activity. Your waiter Pierre can't seem to keep the orders straight Balance your plates on his tray, but watch out for the wobble!

Too many plates and Pierre tumbles to the ground. Don't Tip the Waiter or you'll be forced to pay up In this "nerve-racking, food-stacking" game of fun!


  • 12 Large Plates of Food
  • 12 Small Plates of Food
  • 12 funny money dollars
  • 1 Waiter with tray
  • Instructions


Assemble place the waiter on the table. Place the plates in a draw pile where everybody can reach them. Everyone takes 3 dollars.

Game Play

Take turns. On your turn, take any size plate from the draw pile and place it on the waiter's tray, then your turn ends. Play continues clockwise.

If you add a plate to the waiter's tray that makes him tip and drop any plates, you must tip the waiter one dollar. Lay one of your dollars near him, return any fallen plates to the draw pile, and your turn ends.

Once you tip your last dollar, you're out of the game - so sit back and watch everybody else tip the waiter for a changel

End of the Game

If you're the only player left with money, you win.

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