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  • Bean Pot (2-parts)
  • Bean Pot Lid
  • Base
  • 2 Hands
  • Beans
  • Label Sheet
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Have fun! Drop your beans onto the bean pot lid one by one, but don't spill them!


Remove the beans from the plastic bag. Discard the bag.

Divide the beans evenly between players. Pick a player to go first.

Game Play

In turn, you drop one bean at a time onto the top of the bean pot lid.

The more beans there are, the more care you must take! If you upset the balance of the pot, you'll spill the beans!

If you do spill the beans onto either end of the base, add them to the beans you already have in front of you.

Then continue the game as before.

End of the Game

If you are first to get rid of all your beans, you win the game!

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