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  • 1 Trap
  • 1 Max the Mouse punch
  • 1 pad of cheese paper
  • 30 colored cheese tokens
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to collect all three types of cheese tokens (orange, white and yellow).


Raise one of mouse trap bars. Hook a strip of "cheese" paper on the peg. Pull up other bar and hook other end of cheese paper to "set" it.

Place the 30 cheese tokens face down (blue side will face up) to the side of the playing area.

Hook small hole in the cheese on a peg of the trap.

Mouse trap should look like this when it is "set".

Max the Mouse loves to eat cheese!

Max takes mouse size bites! Position Max so the cheese paper is in his mouth and squeeze the punch button on his belly. Watch him take a bite!

Max does get full!

Important: After each round, empty Max's mouth so the paper bites don't jam inside his mouth. Gently pull down on his lower jaw so that it opens and discard the bites.

Game Play

Place the trap in the center of playing area. The youngest player begins the game. When the turn is finished, players pass Max the Mouse and spinner to the player to their left.

On each players' turn, they spin the spinner and do what it says (the mouse's nose is the pointer).

  • 1 Bite / 2 Bites / 3 Bites: Player uses Max the Mouse to take the number of bite(s) out of the cheese paper.

  • Skip: You get to skip your turn. You "squeaked" by!

  • Reverse: Direction of play reverses. Skip your turn and pass the spinner and Max to the previous player.

  • 1 Bite & Spin Again: The player uses Max the Mouse to take 1 bite out of the cheese paper. Then the player must spin again and do as the spinner says.

Note about Nibbling: Max must take at least 1/2 of a full bite (no nibbling).

If you don't hear the punch of the paper then your bite doesn't count and you have to redo it! If another player thinks a bite was a nibble, take a vote; majority rule wins.

Cutting the Cheese

If a player breaks the cheese paper and "Snaps the Trap" during his turn, the round is over. All players who did not "Snap the Trap" get to draw 1 cheese token.

Players turn their tokens face up in front of them. A new piece of cheese paper is hooked onto the trap. The player who lost the previous round begins the new round.

End of the Game

The first player to collect an orange, white, and yellow cheese token, wins the game!

Note: You may have drawn several of the same color tokens during the game. You must have 1 of each color to win.

If there is a tie, then the player with the most tokens wins the game. If there is still a tie, then the players have a "spin-off". The player who spins the lowest

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