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Welcome to Do You Know Me! You're about to test your knowledge and find out things you never would have dreamed about each other.

Buckle up, it's about to get personal. First things first, though: here's how to play.


  • 460 Question Cards
  • 40 Yes Cards
  • 40 No Cards
  • Instructions


In the box you'll find a Questions deck and an Answers deck. The Answers deck contains 40 No and 40 Yes cards. The Questions deck goes in the middle of the table (playing with a large party?

Split the Question deck into two to make it easier for everyone to reach). Each player is then dealt 10 cards from the Answers deck: five Yes cards and five No cards.

Game Play

The person with the most siblings is first to be in the "hot seat". The person to their left draws a card from the Questions deck and reads it out loud, using the person in the hot seat's name in the question.

Note: If the question contains a number, word or phrase in [brackets], the question reader may choose any of the options listed below the question to customize it.

The person in the hot seat should keep a straight face while the questions are being read.

Everyone except the person in the hot seat (even the question reader) must choose either "Yes" or "No" in response and place the corresponding card face down without letting the other players see!

Repeat this process four more times with the same player being in the Hot Seat, for a total of five questions in the round. Place your answer cards face down from left to right.

Now it's time for the truth. The same question reader reads each question out loud once again, and the player in the hot seat reveals their answers, one by one.

The hot seat then rotates to the right, and the previous hot seat occupant becomes the question reader. Lather, rinse, repeat.

If the 5 questions are asked in this order...

place your 5 answer cards face down in the same order.

Each player flips over their answer cards one at a time as the hot seat player reveals the answer to each question.

End of the Game

At the end of each five-question round, the player with the most correct answers wins. If there's a tie, play one more question card at a time until someone wins.

Unlike other games, the aim of the game here is not to win the most rounds overall, but rather to see who you know best.

Bragging rights are won by seeing which other player(s) rounds you win! If you're feeling extra though, keep score and tally the total number of rounds won to crown an ultimate winner.

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