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  • 200 trivia cards
  • 6 answer cards
  • 30 wager cards
  • 1 game board
  • 6 movers
  • 1 die
  • 1 instruction manual.

Object of the Game

Answer Questions Correctly To Advance Your Mover. Get To The Castle Space To Win!


  1. Place the game board in the middle of the play area. Set the cards in a stack nearby with the four large pictures facing up.

  2. Each player takes a mover and places it on the start space at the top of the game board.

  3. Each player takes their matching answer dial and five wager coins (numbered 1 through 5).

Answer Dials

The answer dials are only used during the Individual Questions, not the Group Questions. See below for descriptions of the different types of questions.

Wager Coins

All players except the host will choose ONE wager coin to play on each question AFTER the pictures are revealed but BEFORE the question is read out loud.

Play a higher-numbered wager coin when you feel you may answer the question correctly and a lower-numberd wager coin if not.

The player with the next birthday is the host for the first turn.

Game Play

On your turn, you are the host for the current question. Players take turns being the host, going around clockwise

Being the host on your turn

  1. Roll the Die

    Advance your mover exactly the number of spaces rolled. Each space on the game board has a symbol representing one of five types of questions on the cards.

    You will refer to the symbol on the space where your mover is located when it's time to read the question

  2. All Other Players Wager

    Before reading the question, the OTHER players look at the pictures on the next card and place one of their wager coins face-down in the spaces provided at the bottom of the game board.

    The wager coins represent the number of spaces the players' movers will advance if they answer the question correctly.

  3. Read the Question

    After all of the wager coins have been played, find the question on the back of the card with the symbol that matches the space your mover is on. Read the question out loud.

    Do NOT read anything else on the card. The types of questions are described below.


There are Group Questions and Individual Questions.

Group Questions

For Group Questions, all players EXCEPT THE HOST work together to answer the question. These are Group Questions:

  • "Pick One"

    All other players work together to select the ONE answer - A, B, C, or D - they think is correct.

  • "Pick Two"

    All other players work together to select the TWO answers - A, B, C, or D - they think are correct.

  • Pick Three"

    All other players work together to select the THREE answers - A, B, C, or D - they think are correct.

Note: If there is ever a disagreement about the group's answer, the player to the host's left will make the final decision on what the group's answer will be this turn.

Individual Questions

For Individual Questions, players will use their answer dials to answer these types of questions individually and secretly. Players "dial in" their answers by turning the dial until the answer they want to provide is visible in the window.

Don't talk about the question or your answer with other players. These are Individual Questions:

  • "Solo Pick One"

    Each player EXCEPT THE HOST uses their answer dial to select an answer - either A, B, C, or D, then places their answer dial face-down so no one can see.

    Once all answers have been dialed in, players flip over their answer dials to reveal their selections.

  • "Spotlight"

    Spotlight Questions are about YOU, the host, and what you think about the characters, stories, and the other players.

    After you have read the question out loud, use your answer dial to select the answer YOU like best.

    Your answer might be A, B, C, or D, or it might be another player (represented by the colors red, green, yellow, blue, purple, or orange). At the same time, all of the other players use their answer dials to try to MATCH your answer.

    Once all answers have been dialed in, players flip over their answer dials to reveal their selections.

Revealing the Answer

The host reveals the answer!

After players have selected their answers, the host reveals the correct answer.

  • If you answered correctly (or matched the host's answer on a Spotlight Question), flip over the wager coin you placed face-down on the game board and advance your mover that number of spaces.

  • If you answered incorrectly (or didn't match the host's answer on a Spotlight Question), you do not advance your mover on this question.

  • All wager coins used during this question are set aside into a discard pile. You will get them all back when any one player runs out of wager coins.

Note: If the question was a Group Question, the entire group will either answer correctly or incorrectly, and everyone (except the host) will either advance their movers forward on the game board or not.

Only during Solo and Spotlight Questions can some players advance their movers forward while others do not, depending on how each player answered.

Start Another Turn

After the answer is revealed and players' movers are advanced for answering correctly, it's the next player's turn to be the host.

Running out of Wager Coins

when any player needs to use a wager coin but has none left, all players get to take back the wager coins they have already used from the discard pile. Play then continues.

End of the Game

When your mover reaches the castle space, either by rolling the die and moving when it's your turn, or as a reward for answering correctly, you must perform the Final Challenge to win.

(You do not need an exact number to reach the castle space).

Follow the Final Challenge instructions below:

  • All players who are on the castle space get to take the Final Challenge.

  • Select a player who is NOT on the castle space to read the "Solo Pick One" question on the next card.

  • Players use their answer dials to secretly select their answers. (Do not use wager coins for the Final Challenge).

  • When all of the players on the castle space have dialed in their answers, they flip over their answer dials to reveal their selections.

  • All the players at the castle space who answered correctly WIN the game! (There may be more than one winner).

  • If no one answers the question correctly, all players who answered incorrectly must follow the arrow on the game board backwards. Then, play continues.

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