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These poor pigs are unhappy.

They re unhappy because they are clean. Pigs don't like being clean, and they'll do anything to get dirty. After all, a dirty pig is a happy pig!


  • 18 double-sided Pig cards
  • 8 Clean That Pig cards
  • 21 Dirty Your Pig cards
  • 4 Barn Door cards
  • 4 Rain cards
  • 4 Lightning cards
  • 12 Barn cards
  • 4 Lightning Rod cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to get all your pigs dirty.


To start, give every player the correct number of Pig cards. Line up your Pig cards in front of you with the Clean Pig side up. Set aside any unused Pig cards.

  • Two Players: 5 Pigs Each
  • Three Players 4 Pigs Each
  • Four to Six Players: 3 Pigs Each

Shuffle the deck and deal 3 cards face-down to each player (players can look at their cards). Place the remaining deck in the center of the table.

Game Play

The youngest player begins and plays proceeds clockwise. On your turn, play one card from your hand. Then draw a new card from the deck. You should always have 3 cards in your hand after your turn.

If you do not have any cards you want to play, you may exchange cards instead of playing one (see Exchanging Your Cards).

If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard pile and make a new deck.


  • Dirty your Pig

    It's so nice to be dirty! Play this card to dirty one of your pigs. Flip that Clean Pig over to the Dirty Pig side.

  • Rain

    Oh no! Rain spoils the fun. Playing the Rain card washes clean all unsheltered Dirty Pigs (including yours).

  • Barn

    These pigs are smart enough to seek shelter. Place a Barn on one of your pigs (dirty or clean) to from the rain.

  • Clean That Pig

    Rain cannot get into a barn...but a pesky farmer can!

    Play this card to clean another player's pig, even if it's in a barn.

    You choose which player's pig to clean.

  • Barn Door

    These pigs are crafty. They can nail the barn door shut! Place the Barn Door on a barn to keep the farmer out, but only if the pig is dirty.

  • Lightning

    Watch out! Lightning can destroy your barn and expose the pig! Play the Lightning card to destroy another player's barn (and door if it has one).

    You choose which barn to destroy. Put those cards in the discard pile.

  • Lightning Rod

    These brilliant pigs have another trick up their sleeve. Place a Lightning Rod card on a barn to protect it from the destructive lightning.


A dirty pig, in a barn, with a barn door, and a lightning rod is completely safe!

Exchanging your Cards

If you don't want to play any of your cards (or cannot play them - for instance, you have a Barn Door card yet no Barn to place it on), you can discard 1,2 or all 3 of your cards and draw back up to 3 cards.This is your turn. Play moves to the next player.

End of the Game

The first person to get all their pigs dirty wins!

Where do my cards go when played?

Place the Dirty Your Pig, Clean That Pig, Rain, and Lightning cards face-up in a discard pile when played. All other cards go directly on your Pigs.

Can a pig in a barn be cleaned or dirtied?

Yes, as long as the barn does not have a Barn Door.

When can I play the Barn Door or Lightning Rod cards?

You can play the Barn Door and Lightning Rod cards only if there is a barn on a pig. You can play the Barn Door only if there is a Dirty Pig in the barn.

When a Lightning card is played, what happens to the pig?

Lightning does not affect the pig (phew!).

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