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When there are only 6 players available, then this variant is fun to play:

  1. Each player gives a set of orders for Italy together with their own orders for the Spring and Fall.

  2. Once all the orders are given, a dice is rolled and that order will be submitted:

    1. England
    2. France
    3. Germany
    4. Austria
    5. Russia
    6. Turkey

  3. If there are retreats, then they must be made.

  4. The owner in the FALL decides the Fall retreats.

  5. When it is FALL, the player who winds up owning Italy can not get credit for any Italian Supply Center that year.

    e.g. if Austria winds up Venice in Fall 1901, and also owns Italy for that Fall move, then Italy still owns Venice.

  6. Builds and removals are also done by random roll.

Note: The orders for Italy and everyone else are written before anyone knows who is playing Italy in that season.

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