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Avenger (0)

For the whole of this turn, any time a Combatant would be discarded, you gain it instead.

Commander (0)

You win the Derby if you either have more Combatants than every other player, or you have fewer Combatants than any other player.

Brawler (1)

The Combatant controlled by another player can include a Combatant deployed in the current turn).

Heavy (1)

If the Heavy itself is the Combatant with the lowest Strength, it is discarded.

Hunter (1)

If multiple Combatants with the same highest Strength are deployed in this turn, they are all discarded. If multiple Hunters are deployed in the same turn, they all target the same Combatant(s). If the Hunters themselves have the highest Strength, they are discarded instead.

Ironclaw (1)

You can discard Combatants controlled by yourself or other players.

Leveller (1)

If a player controls multiple Combatants with the same highest Strength, they can choose which one is discarded.

Chameleon (2)

If you choose to swap the Chameleon with a Combatant of lower Strength, you will resolve the target Combatant's ability when it is time to do so.

Guard (2)

The Guard can flip itself face down.

Lookout (2)

Discards all face up Ravagers, including ones deployed , this turn.

Scout (2)

If the card you choose with the Scout has an instant ability, it is not resolved. However the effects of all other types of abilities still apply.

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