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  • 200 2-Sided Cards
  • 60 Voting Tokens
  • Timer
  • Scratch Pad
  • 12 Pencils
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Make up the best definitions for the crazy words so that people are compelled to vote for you and give you tokens so you can have the most and win!


Set the cards and timer out on the table. Or on the floor. Just set them out wherever you are! Each player gets five tokens; put the rest away in the box. Everyone take some scratch paper and a pencil.

Game Play

  • The player who suggested playing this awesome game goes first by drawing a card.

  • Read the word aloud, and show everyone the card (sometimes the words aren't so funny just hearing them; you gotta SEE them!).

  • Now everyone makes up a definition for the word and writes it down on their scratch paper.

  • You can use the timer to keep the game moving along if you want, so no one can take forever to concoct a definition.

  • When you're all done, or time is up, take turns reading your definitions!

  • You see the magic now, right? Sometimes people think similarly, sometimes people pick up on different subtleties in the words to make up meanings. Either way, it's pretty hilarious!

  • Each player then votes for the definition they like best by giving away one of their tokens. Even if your definition is Pulitzer Prize-worthy, you cannot vote for yourself!

  • The next player takes a new card and reads another word, and play continues.

End of the Game

When the first player runs out of tokens, stop the hilarity! Everyone else should count their tokens and the player with the most wins! Woo-hoo!

Is there a tie? Well, we can't have that! The tied players define one more word, with each player (the tied ones AND the ones already out) voting for the best.

Still a tie? Do it again!

Some fun definitions from The Minds of The Inventors


Abnormally large hemorrhoid circling Uranus.


Star Wars villain with bad joints.


The secret ingredient in Cleopatra's perfume.


Common dilemma after a drunken one-night stand.


Dog teepee.

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