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  • 80 desperado cards
  • 20 place cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Stage-coaches, railways, banks, saloons, and even gold diggers: nothing is secure from being robbed in the wild west. 2-5 dangerous desperadoes try to place their handy-man in good positions, so they could gain the booty when a hold-up takes place.

In this game, the values of the desperado cards on the player's hand change from hold-up to hold-up and you always try to play the strongest gang to win a hold-up.

The strength of a gangster depends on his experience and his distance to the place of the hold-up.

In the end, the player who most successfully robbed wins the game.


Sort out the place cards by value. Then you put the place cards with value 5 face-up side by side on the table.

Above them you put the place cards with value 4, then the cards with value 3 and on top the place cards with value 2. Each of these piles should consist of four different places.

Shuffle the desperado cards and place them face down as a pile on the table. Each player takes 5 desperado cards to his hand.

Game Play

The most dangerous player begins. The game consists of two phases: WORKING-DAY and HOLD-UP.


Only from time to time the working-day is interrupted by a hold-up. On a working day, you try' to strengthen the gangsters on your hand by clever discarding desperado cards.

The players make their turns clockwise. The player on turn draws two desperado cards from the pile. (When the pile with desperado cards is finished, shuffle the discard pile and build a new desperado pile).

Afterwards he must take one card from his hand and put it face up in front of any of the five places. The discarded desperadoes in front of the places belong to no one. They are just handy-man which affects the value of the cards on the hand of all players for a hold-up.

When you want to put your card in front of a place where already some desperadoes arc laying, you have to attend to two rules:

You must discard in the same color as the other desperadoes and you must discard a character different to the other desperadoes.

When a player because of these rules can't discard a desperado, the next player left to him draws one card from his hand that goes to the discard pile.

When no HOLD-UP is caused, it is the next players' turn.


As soon as the number of desperadoes in front of a place reaches the value of the place card, a hold-up is caused by this place.

All players who want to join the hold-up, may now put together a gang out of the desperadoes on their hands.

Every player holds his hands under the table (if you don't take part on the hold-up, you anyway just do so as if you would to deceive the other players) and then the players all together put their gangs for the hold-up onto the table.

Players who don't join the hold-up just put their empty hands to the table. The player who played the strongest gang gains the place card as booty, if it is a draw, the player who at last in the phase WORKING-DAY discarded a desperado card in front of a place wins.

When you put together a gang for the hold-up you have two possibilities: You either

  • create a gang consisting only of cards in color
  • or you create a gang consisting only of cards from the same desperado character

The gangsters which you put together out of your hand must either lay in front of the place where the hold-up happens or they must already be on the WARRANT OF ARREST.

The desperadoes in front of the places and on the WARRANT OF ARREST don't belong to any player. They only define the strength of the hand cards.

The Strength of the Gangsters ..

The strength of a gangster will be calculated in the following way:

Position in front of the place of the hold-up + Experience from former hold-ups (warrant of arrest).

1. Position in front of the place of the hold-up.

The first desperado in front of a place is as strong as the value of the place, the following desperadoes continuously count one point less. Gangsters without a handy-man in front of the place of the hold-up count 0.

2. Experience from former hold-ups, fixed on the warrant of arrest.

The warrant of arrest exists after the first hold-up. For every card on the warrant of arrest, a gangster counts one point more.


The player with the strongest gang takes the place card and the gangsters of his gang go to WARRANT OF ARREST. Equal gangsters, you have to put in such a way one upon another, that you always could recognize the number of cards.

All gangsters that were played by the other players go to the discard pile. The handy-man in front of the place that was hold up also go to the discard pile.

After this, the WORKING-DAY will return to the wild west and it is the next players' turn.

Throughout the game, the WARRANT OF ARREST will increase and so the experience of many gangsters will increase as well.

End of the Game

The game will end as soon as the first place with value 5 was hold up.

Now even player counts his booty. The player with the most valuable booty is the most dangerous desperado in the wild west and so wins the game.


Every place card has printed its value on it. Have you got more cards from the same kind of place, every card counts the highest value.


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