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You and a group of other daring deep sea divers head out to sea to dive for sunken treasure. You're all rivals but you're poor, so you're forced to share a rented submarine and a single tank of air!

The deeper you dive, the richer the treasures you'll find, but if you don't get back to the sub before that tank of air runs out, you'll have to drop all the treasure you've collected in order to make it back on board alive. It's time to see who can bring home the greatest riches.


  • 2 Special Dice: 1-3 dots
  • 6 Sea Diver Pieces
  • 1 Air Marker
  • 1 Submarine Board
  • 12 Blank Undersea Chips
  • 32 Undersea Treasure Chips
  • Rulebook


  • Place the Submarine where it is clearly visible to all players. Place the Air Marker over "25" on the Submarine Board.

  • Turn over the Undersea Treasure Chips to hide their values, separate them by Level, and shuffle them thoroughly.

  • Line up the Treasure Chips in order by Level from low to high such that they connect to the Submarine Board. So long as they form a single line, any arrangement is fine.

  • Players take one Sea Diver piece each, according to preference, and place these pieces flat on the Submarine Board with their pointed bellies pointing down.

  • The player who has been in the ocean or gone swimming most recently takes the first turn.

Object of the Game

The game takes place over 3 rounds - 3 deep sea dives. Each dive begins with a full tank of air and all Divers on the Submarine. The player who gains the most points over the three dives is the winner.

In order to gain points, you must bring Undersea Treasure Chips back to the Submarine. You can only return to the Submarine once per dive. A dive ends when all Divers have returned to the Sub or the air runs out.

Game Play

Players take turns, going clockwise around the board. On their turn, a player conducts the following four steps unless they have already returned to the Submarine.

Step 1: Breathe (Reduce Air)

Move the Air Marker on the Submarine Board toward "0" by the number of Treasure Chips you are carrying. Treasure that you retrieved in previous rounds does not count. If the air falls to "0" or below, your turn is the last turn of the dive; continue and finish your turn.

Step 2: Declare if you will turn back or not

You may only turn back for the Sub if you are carrying treasure. If you decide to turn back, turn your Diver Piece to face the Submarine. You can only change direction once each dive.

Once you have turned around you can skip this step for the rest of the dive. If you roll the dice without declaring a direction, you must dive deeper.

Step 3: Swim (Roll the dice and move)

Roll both dice. Move your Diver Piece in the direction it is facing along the line of Undersea Chips a number of jumps equal to your roll. If you are carrying treasure, subtract the number of Treasure Chips you are carrying from your roll before moving.

Note: you may not be able to move!

When moving past an Undersea Chip being explored by another Diver, jump over that Chip without counting it. If your roll takes you beyond the last Undersea Chip, stop on that Chip.

Step 4: Treasure Hunt (Pick up or drop treasure)

Take one of the following three actions:

  1. Do nothing.

  2. Pick up the Treasure Chip your Diver is stopped on and place it in front of you without flipping it over. Place a Blank Undersea Chip in its place and place your Diver on top of that Blank Chip facing the same direction it was facing before.

    You are now carrying this treasure. You can carry any number of Treasure Chips.

  3. If you are carrying treasure and are stopped on a Blank Undersea Chip, you may drop a Treasure Chip of your choice on that spot. Replace the Blank Chip with the Treasure Chip and place your Diver on that Treasure Chip.

End of the Round

At the end of a dive, perform the following clean up actions:

  • Players who made it back to the Submarine turn over their Undersea Treasure Chips and reveal their values. They keep these Chips for scoring at the end of the game.

  • Players who did not make it back to the Sub before the end of the dive drop their treasure to the bottom of the sea and return to the Sub.

    In order, starting from the Diver closest to the Submarine, players stack their Treasure Chips (in any order they choose) next to the last Chip in the line of Undersea Chips.

    Once 3 Chips have been stacked, the next Chip begins a new stack at the end of the line. These stacks now function as a single Treasure Chip in subsequent dives.

    All Chips in a stack should be picked up, placed, and dropped together. They are also treated as a single Chip when calculating air consumption and movement.

  • Remove all Blank Undersea Chips from the line of Undersea Chips and slide together the remaining Undersea Chips to close any gaps.

  • The last player to return to the Sub takes the first turn of the next dive.

End of the Game

At the end of the third dive, after clean up, players total their points (the values of all the Treasure Chips they brought back to the Sub) to find a winner.

If a tie exists, the player with the most high-level Treasure Chips is the winner. If this doesn't break the tie, the game ends in a draw.

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