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A lone player called the Interceptor competes against a team of two players. Each round, one of the team players draws a Code card and comes up with 3 clues, just like the regular game.

To win, the Interceptor must collect 2 Interception Tokens in 5 or fewer rounds.


Form a team of 2 players. This team, competing against the Interceptor, takes a Note Sheet, Screen, Code Deck, and 4 Keyword cards that are placed in the Screen, just like the regular game.

The Interceptor takes a Note Sheet.

Game Play

The game plays according to the normal rules for steps 1 to 7, except for the allocation of tokens.

If the Interceptor successfully deciphers the team's code, he receives an Interception token. If the guessing team member fails to solve their Encryptor's code, they do not receive a Miscommunication token; instead, give an Interception token to the Interceptor.

Like the regular game, the Interceptor cannot attempt to intercept in the first round.

Also, since the Interceptor plays alone, he can neither draw Code cards nor guess his own codes.

End of the Game

The Interceptor wins if they obtain 2 Interception Tokens before the end of the fifth round. Otherwise, the Encrypting team wins.

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