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To honor the gods, the peoples of the Cyclades erect monuments to their glory. Divine boons will be granted to those bold enough to build those colossal structures... or to seize them through conquest.


  • 10 Monument Miniatures:

    • Temple of Poseidon
    • Temple of Ares
    • Temple of Athena
    • Great temple of Zeus
    • Military Academy
    • Academy of Naval Warfare
    • City of Warriors
    • Great University of Athena
    • Great Lighthouse of Poseidon
    • Great Citadel of Ares
  • 10 Monument Cards, one for each miniature.


Before the game starts, randomly draw a number of Monument cards equal to the number of players. Place them face-up next to the game board. These are the only Monuments that players can build during the course of the game. Take the corresponding miniatures and return the other ones to the box with all the unused Monuments cards.


Monuments are bonus buildings that a player can obtain when he controls the two associated base buildings.

As soon as a player controls two buildings shown on one of the Monument cards made available during setup, he builds the corresponding Monument: he places the Monument miniature in one of his territories. He also takes the corresponding card as a reminder of the Monument's effect.

The addition of a Monument to the board can occur after the second building shown on a card is built, or after the player takes control of a territory where that building was already present.

The two necessary buildings used to build a Monument stay on the board.

If the player forgets to build the Monument when he has the opportunity to do so, he will be able to do it later on during the game if he still possesses the two required buildings and if no one else built the Monument before him! The player will still have to wait until he is resolving the actions of his god (being on Apollo does not allow to do it).

A Monument does not occupy a building space, it is simply placed in the territory like a figurine that will not move until the end of the game.

Each Monument provides a special effect to the player who occupies the territory it is located in. When a player takes control of a territory where there is a Monument, he takes the corresponding card from its former owner. From now on, the new owner will benefit from the effect of the Monument. A Monument does not count as buildings that can be used for the construction of a Metropolis.

Example: A player already controlling a Fortress chooses to build a Port. Since the City of Warriors is available for construction, that player can build it and take the corresponding card.


Each Monument can only be built once during the game.

Territory refers to a single land space. It is the equivalent of "isle" in the base game.

The Giant cannot be used to destroy a Monument.

Hades Expansion

Theater: it cannot be used to construct Monuments. Players must have the required buildings shown on the card.

Necropolis and the temples of Poseidon and Ares: removing a troop or a fleet leads to 1 GP to be added to the Necropolis.

Necropolis and The Great Lighthouse of Poseidon: saving a fleet leads to 1 GP not being added to the Necropolis.

Titans Expansion

Because of the "Free Positioning" rules, it is possible for players to start the game with two buildings in play. Therefore, players can potentially build a Monument right from the start.

This creates tension from the very outset! It is also possible to combine the effects of a Special Metropolis and a Monument.

Monuments: Special Abilities

Great Citadel Of Ares

Fortress + Fortress.

As long as 1 or more of your troops are stationed on this territory, it cannot be invaded by sea, land (Titans) or air (Pegasus). However, this territory remains affected by other effects (Harpy, etc).

Great Lighthouse Of Poseidon

Port + Port.

Any of your fleets destroyed in battle can be saved and placed on a sea space that is adjacent to this territory and either empty or controlled by you. If this is not possible for any reason (all spaces are occupied by enemy fleets, Polyphemus is on the territory), your fleets are removed from the board.

Military Academy

Fortress + University.

When you collect revenues, place a troop on this territory for free. If this is not possible for any reason, this Monument does nothing this cycle.

Academy Of Naval Warfare

University + Port.

When you collect revenues, place a free fleet on a sea space that is adjacent to this territory and either empty or controlled by you. If this is not possi- ble for any reason, this Monument does nothing this cycle.

Temple Of Poseidon

Port + Temple.

Once per cycle, on your turn, you may remove one of your fleets from the board to draw the top card of the Mythological Creatures deck and use its effect.

Temple Of Ares

Fortress + Temple.

Once per cycle, on your turn, you may remove one of your troops from the board to randomly draw a card from the Mythological Creatures discard pile and use its effect.

Temple Of Athena

University + Temple.

You pay 1 GP less to recruit Priests and Philosophers.

Great Temple Of Zeus

Temple + Temple.

When your turn starts, update the Mythological Creature track as if it was the beginning of the cycle.

City Of Warriors

Port + Fortress.

When defending this territory, all of your adjacent fleets count as troops. They are added to your die roll.

Great University Of Athena

University + University.

You may buy more than 1 Philosopher with Athena.

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