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Ready, set... put your game face on! Will your Cubeez be surprised, sad, happy, angry, or a little bit of everything? It changes each time, so pay attention and think fast as you race to be the winner!


  • 12 Cubes (4 sets of 3)
  • 50 Challenge Cards
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Race to put together the faces pictured on the challenge cards using your 3 cubes.

the first player to correctly replicate the face wins the card, and the first player to get 10 cards wins the game!


Shuffle the cards and place them facedown in the center of all players; this is the draw pile for the game.

Each player then picks a color and takes the 3 corresponding cubes (2 squares, 1 rectangle).

Game Play

To start, the youngest player flips over a challenge card. for the fol- lowing rounds, players take turns flipping over the cards.

Everyone then races to turn, flip, and position the 3 cubes so that the top-view matches the picture on the challenge card. this means you might have to stack cubes on top of each other!


When you think you have successfully completed a challenge, place your hand on the draw pile.

If you are right, you win the challenge card. If you are wrong, you are eliminated from the round and play continues without you.

End of the Game

The game ends when one player has collected 10 cards.

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