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Collect as much Treasure as you can before the Ghost of your father reclaims his possessions. Follow all the rules for a 2-player game with these exceptions:


Choose a set of dice for the Ghost (automated player).

You start with both Torch cards.

I. Reveal

Arrange the Treasure cards from highest to lowest Coin value. The face-down card is assumed to be 2.5 Coins. If two cards are equal, the first card drawn is placed to the left.

1-player example Crypt

II. Claim

On the Ghosts turn, roll his three Servant dice. Dice that rolled the same value are joined; add their values together. A joined pair is always placed before a single die of the same value. (For example, two 3s are placed before one 6).

Starting with the highest valued die/dice, check the highest valued Treasure card and place dice there if:

  • the card is unclaimed.
  • the Ghost s dice have a higher total value than your dice.

Otherwise, check the next highest card and follow the above steps. Do this for each of the Ghosts dice, setting aside any dice that cannot be placed.

When the Ghost has the Lights Out card and takes his second turn, only roll his dice that you pushed off the Treasure cards. Place only his highest valued die/dice following the same rules.

In this example, the Ghosts 3s are joined
and push out your 5. The Ghosts 4 cannot
push out your 4, so it pushes out your 2.

III. Collect

Do not roll the Ghosts dice for exhaustion. The Ghost will always play with all three dice.

Any cards that you do not collect are discarded. You may sort or look through discarded Treasure at any time, but if the Treasure was face- down in the Crypt, do not reveal it.

IV. Pass The Torch

Pass both Torch cards as you would in a 2-player game.

End of the Game

Compare your score to the results below.

< 30 Coins - The Fool

Your fathers ghost scolds you and demands you return his treasures.

30 Coins - The Petty

You leave the crypt with a handful of trinkets and a sense of guilt.

40 Coins - The Affluent

You make a small fortune selling your family heirlooms.

50 Coins - The Magnificent

Adorned in your fathers treasures, you earn the reputation as the most extravagant monarch in the land.

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