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In Solo Mode you play against Victoria, a virtual player. She does not collect Building Points, only Citizen Points. 2 variants are available for the Solo Mode.

Indiviual Games: Beat the Highscore

In this variant you try to score as many points as possible.

You can set the difficulty by changing the starting position of your Building. We recommend starting between 15 (difficult) and 40 (easy). Note your highscore for each difficulty, separately.

While Victoria participates in the game, her score is irrelevant for your highscore. She serves only to compete for Nobility Cards and the Construction Site (see below).

Campaign: How far can you recede your building

In this variant, you try to decrease the starting position of your Building in subsequent games, while still beating Victoria. Your current campaign highscore is the lowest starting position that still allowed you to beat her.

To beat Victoria, your final score must be higher than hers. A tie does not suffice.

If you manage to beat her twice from the same position, a higher final score is considered "better".

The following changes to the rules apply for changing the starting position of the Building.

  • In your first game, start on "40".

  • If you win, decrease the starting position by 5 (i.e. 35, for the second game).

  • If you lose, increase the starting position by 2 for the next game (i.e. 42, for the second game).

Game Rules

The following changes to the rules apply for both Solo mode variants.

All other rules of the regular game remain in effect.


Prepare the game material for yourself and take 1 additional citizen of a different color. Place this citizen on the "0" on the scoring track to track victoria's points, as usual.

Place the Stone Marker and Bread Marker on the Construction Site, as you would in a 4-player game. Place the Donation and Gift Markers on the Cathedral and Castle, as you would in a 2-player game.

Place the Event "An early winter" back in the game box.

Course of the Game:

Perform the following steps at the end of rounds 2 - 6:

  • Victoria receives Citizen Points as though she paid 1 Stone and 1 Bread at the Construction Site. Move the markers accordingly.

  • Victoria increases her noble rank. Take the top card of the next rank (see below) and place it next to the game board as a stack. Victoria receives the indicated Citizen Points, as usual.

At the end of round 6, determine your final score as usual, i.e. the lower of Building and Citizen Points.

Score sheet for solo mode

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