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Crosscribb Player Variations

Crosscribb for 2 Players

The rules are the same as the 4-player game except for the following: One player sits facing the circle columns while the other faces the diamond rows. Each player is dealt 14 cards instead of 7 cards. During play each player will discard 2 cards into the crib instead of 1 card.

Crosscribb for 3 Players

In this version, two players (referred to as "the team") play against one player (referred to as "the individual"). Choose a score keeper and draw cards to determine who will play as an individual (low card is the individual).

Team members sit across from each other and the individual sits between them on either side of the board.

Determining the Deal: 3-player Version:

The individual and one team member each draw a card from the CrossCribb deck. Low card deals. In case of a tie both players draw again.

The Deal: 3-player Version:

The deal starts to the player left of dealer and progresses clockwise. Each member of the team is dealt 7 cards one at a time and the individual is dealt 14 cards two at a time. After the deal cards remain face down in front of each player.

Starting Play: 3-player Version:

Following the deal, the opponent to the dealer's right cuts the deck and the dealer turns over the Cut Card.

Each player looks at their top card without revealing it. The opponent left of the dealer starts play by placing the top card face up on the CrossCribb board. Play progresses clockwise.

The individual will play once between each of the others' turns (team member 1, individual, team member 2, individual, team member 1, individual, etc)..

Note: The individual will have 2 cards to discard to the crib and each of the team members will have 1.

Scoring: 3-player Version:

Scoring is the same as the 4-player version.

The deal progresses clockwise, always to an opponent. (Team member 1, individual, team member 2, individual, team member 1, individual, etc)..

Crosscribb for 5 Players

Each player competes individually by occupying one row and one column that will count in the individual's favor, while attempting to sabotage the other player's rows and columns. In this version, there is no dealer's crib. Assign each player a row and corresponding column (ie. same number).

Cut for deal. Low card holder deals each player 6 cards face down. The player to the left of the dealer starts the game by placing one card on the playing board.

Play continues clockwise around the board until all players have placed their cards. The catch to this version is that each player has one extra card, the "cover card", that must be played on top of another placed card.

The cover card can be played at any time during the round. If the cover card is saved until last, it must be played on top of another card even if there are still open areas available.

Scoring for the 5-player Version:

Each player totals their two hands and the scorekeeper records the totals on the score pad according to their respective row/column (figure 8).

The deal progresses clockwise. Play continues until one player reaches 121 points.

Crosscribb for 6 Players

The rules are the same as the 4-player game except for the following:

Two teams of three players are selected. Players sit with opposing players on either side of them.

Each player is dealt 4 cards instead of 7 cards. The crib is not used in the 6-player version.

Crosscribb Solitaire

The object of CrossCribb Solitaire is to score the highest combination of ten hands using all the rows and columns on the CrossCribb board. Deal yourself 25 cards face down.

Play your first card face up anywhere on the CrossCribb board. Continue until the board is full, count your hands and total them. Try to beat your previous high score.

Variations of Play

Crosscribb 20:20

In this variation, each player may examine all cards in their hand immediately after the deal and during play.

Each player must discard one card into the crib before play and before the cut card is determined. After the crib is set aside, continue to play in the same manner as regular CrossCribb.

You'll soon understand why they say hindsight is 20:20!

Crosscribb Double Trouble

This variation uses a six-sided die, and in so doing adds an interesting twist.

Double-Trouble can be applied to CrossCribb or CrossCribb 20:20. The number on the die will double the score of the corresponding row and column for that round.

Immediately after the deal, the dealer rolls the die to determine which row and column will be doubled. If a six appears on the die, the crib will be doubled for that round of play.

Soon you will see the importance of playing defense and how one of your opponent's rows can quickly become "DoubleTrouble" for you.

Crosspoker (Another Solitaire Game)

Deal yourself twenty-five cards face down. Play one card at a time, face-up, on the CrossCribb playing board. Count each row and column as a Poker hand, with scoring as follows:

  • Straight flush: 30
  • Four of a kind: 16
  • Straight: 12
  • Full house: 10
  • Three of a kind: 6
  • Flush: 5
  • Two Pairs: 3
  • One Pair: 1

The object is to try to best your previous high score.

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