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Crappy Birthday is the humorous game where you get points for giving the best gifts, AND for giving the worst gifts!


  • 60 cards (15 cards in four suits)
  • six bonus cards
  • Rulebook


  • Deal a hand of 5 Gift Cards face-down to each player.

  • Pick a player to be the first Birthday Judge. The other players are the Gift Givers.

Game Play

  1. Each Gift Giver chooses one gift to give to the Birthday Judge. Give a gift the Birthday Judge will like, or a gift she will not like. Place the Gift Card face-down on the table.

  2. The Birthday Judge mixes-up the Gift Cards, places them face-up on the table one at a time, and reads them out loud.

    Now is the time for everyone to talk about which gifts are good, and which ones are crappy. Your opinions make Crappy Birthday fun!

  3. After the gifts have been discussed, the Birthday Judge selects 2 gifts: the gift she likes the most, and the gift she dislikes the most.

  4. The two players who gave the chosen gifts put the winning cards face-up in front of them to track scoring.

    Each card counts as 1 point.

  5. Put the other gifts that were given into a discard pile. Everyone draws back up to 5 Gift Cards. The role of the Birthday Judge passes to the left. Start again at Step 1.

End of the Game

The first player to 5 points wins!

Rules for the Birthday Judge

When deciding which gift she likes and dislikes the most, the Birthday Judge must assume that they will use the gift as it is stated on the card.

Gifts cannot be sold, re-gifted, or stuffed in a closet.

The Birthday Judge should also judge each gift as if it applies to her life. For example, if you receive a Front Yard Statue, then judge that gift as if you have a front yard even if you don't.


When playing with 3 or 4 players, have each player give 2 gifts to the Birthday Judge.

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