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This game is also known as "Elephant's Trunk".


  • 24 clothing tokens
  • 4 tin trunks
  • 1 elephant figurine
  • 1 oversized die

Object of the Game

Help Emmet pack his trunks for vacation. But watch out for the sneaky mouse that will try to dump everything out! The first player to pack all of his/her clothing tokens wins.


  1. Empty the four trunks, then close and arrange them in a circle in the center of the playing area. Make sure the trunks open facing towards the players.

  2. Place the elephant figurine in front of any of the trunks.

  3. Place the color die within reach of all players.

  4. If there are four players, each take 6 tokens of one type of clothing (either 6 shorts, 6 shirts, 6 caps, or 6 pairs of socks). For three players, take 6 of one type of clothing and divide 2 each of the remaining type.

    For two players, each take 4 of two types of clothing (e.g. 4 shorts and 4 caps). Place the remainder back in the box.

Game Play

Whoever makes the best elephant sound starts the game and play passes to the left. On your turn, roll the die.

If the die shows:

  • A color: Open the trunk that matches this color and put any one of your clothing tokens inside.

  • Bonus: If Emmet is standing in front of this trunk, you may pack two tokens. Close the trunk again and pass the die to the next player.

  • A mouse: Eeek! A sneaky mouse is hiding inside the trunk next to Emmet and will empty out the contents!

Open the trunk. If it contains clothing tokens, you must empty it and collect all of them. You now have more clothes to repack during the game.

If the trunk is empty, you were lucky and you don't get any additional tokens to pack.

In either case:

  1. Close the trunk.
  2. Emmet quickly runs away. Move him in front of the next trunk, going clockwise.
  3. Pass the die to the next player.

Consolation Packing Prize

Due to that mischievous mouse, you may find a variety of clothing tokens in front of you. However, if you can assemble a complete set of four clothes (cap, shirt, shorts and socks) you may return this set to the box for the rest of the game.

(Careful: don't place them back into a trunk!)

End of the Game

The first player to pack all his/her clothing tokens wins.

It's a pachyderm packing game! As you help Emmet pack his trunks, you'll reinforce such valuable early learning skills as color identification, pattern recognition, and fine motor development.

Also, with every roll of the die, you'll get a little taste of the anticipation you feel before leaving on vacation.

Will you get a color and be able to pack your trunks, or will that pesky mouse mess up your plans? Bon Voyage!

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