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The little bear is as hungry.. .as a bear... and has a great big, open-wide smile. That's because this bear is waiting for some delicious crackers. You see, they're all broken in half and are hidden in the colorful bed.

You've got to make them whole again. When you make a match, pop the whole cracker into the little bear's mouth. In this game, it's okay to feed the bear!


  • Sturdy Platform Gameboard
    with Stand-Up Bear "Headboard"
  • 32 Color-Coded Cardboard Cracker Card Tops
  • 16 Cracker Cardboard Card Bottoms
  • Oversized Spinner
  • Illustrated Rules

Object of the Game

To be the first player to match-up all of your "bottom" cracker-half cards with the "top" cracker-half cards and feed them to the bear.


  1. Remove all the cracker-half cards and the stand-up bear "headboard" from the perforated sheets.

  2. Remove the "quilt" gameboard from the box and carefully punch out all of the slots. Return the board to the box.

  3. Assemble the headboard for gameplay as follows:

    • Remove the small box located at the end of the gameboard. This will be the cracker-catcher.

    • Fold the headboard along the scored lines and stand it upright in the space for the cracker-catcher box so that the bear is facing out on the gameboard.

    • Return the cracker-catcher box so it is placed behind the headboard.

  4. These are the top cracker-half cards. At random - and without peeking - slide each one into a slot on the gameboard.

  5. These are the bottom cracker-half cards. Pass out four, face-up, to each player. Place any extra cards aside, out of the game.

  6. The youngest player goes first. Play then passes, in turn, to the left.

Game Play

On your turn, do the following things:

  1. Spin the spinner. If the arrow lands on a line, spin again.

  2. From the board, pick out any one of the top cracker-half cards that match the color you've spun. If the spinner arrow lands on a rainbow space, pick any top cracker-half card you wish. Hold it up so that everyone can see it.

    Note: If there are no more top cracker-half cards of the color you've spun, spin again.

    Have you made a Match

    The crackers are all distinctive shapes (squares, circles, ovals, etc)., so be careful because some of them are a little trickier to match than others!

    If die top cracker-half matches one of your bottom cracker-half cards, you've made a cracker whole again! Feed it to die bear by popping it through die open mouth. Chomp, chomp, yum, yum!

    No Match

    If die top cracker-half card doesn't match one of your bottom cracker-half cards, put die top cracker-half card back into the board where you found it.

    Whenever someone puts back a top cracker-half card, try to remember which kind it is so that you can make a match on a later turn!

  3. Players continue taking turns, matching cards and feeding whole crackers to die bear.

End of the Game

The first player to match all of his or her cracker-half cards and feed them to the little bear wins the game!

Suggested gameplay for younger players

Younger game players may wish to play this game without die spinner. On each turn, players simply choose any top cracker-half card they wish (regardless of color) and try to make a match as described in die above rules.

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