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Planning Ahead In The Game

This is how you can better plan your moves:

These types of game situations are what give "COTTAGE Garden" its special appeal.

The Flower Tile on C3 looks attractive in this game situation, because in the next turn the tile on D2 will be available. However, this will only be available if the next player passes over this exact Flower Tile. If you are interested in the Flower Tile on C2, you could simply ignore it this turn, as this tile is sure to be available on your next turn. The tile on C4 can be ignored too, as an identical tile will be available next turn on A2.

Not Enough Components

If there are not enough Flower Tiles to fill the Nursery, fill it with as many as you can. The empty spaces are not filled after-the-fact when new Flower Tiles are added back to the queue.

Your Cubes, however, are limited. If all 3 Cubes of one color have reached the target space, you can score no further points in that color.

The Arrow Spaces

There are different arrow symbols on the movement spaces for the Gardener. These are to help you plan ahead.

In the four-player game, your turn will always take place on the same arrow.

The starting player will always visit rows marked by the arrow . The second player has the arrow , the third player the arrow , and the fourth arrow.

In a three player game, there is a shift. Whenever the Gardener reaches the starting space, each player is assigned a new arrow. Until then, you can orient your turns on a particular symbol in order to plan ahead.

In the two-player game, the first player always visits rows 1 and 3, and the second player has the rows 2 and 4 of each side. To denote this, no distinction between the arrows is required.

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