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  • 60 Combo cards
  • 36 chips
  • 8 dice
  • 4 Chip Chart cards

Game Elements

Combo Cards

Before playing, take a moment to get familiar with the Combo cards. Note that each card has the following features:

Players - The number of people to participate in that card's challenge. 1 = Only you. 2 = Two players. (If there are more than two people playing, you can strategically choose your opponent for that challenge). A = All Play.

Chips - The number of chips earned if you successfully complete the combo. The higher the number, the more difficult the challenge. U = unlimited.

Dice - The number of dice you get to roll in that Combo challenge. For 2-Player or All Play, this number indicates the number of dice per player.

Combo - The name of the challenge you must complete. Illustrations above and any text below help explain the details.

Rolls - The number of fingers indicates the maximum number of rolls you get to complete the combo in a turn. For example, if the hand shows three fingers, you have up to three rolls. If the hand is holding a "U", the number of rolls is unlimited.

Put Dice Aside? - If the sphere is green, you may put aside any dice you want to keep after each roll. If it's red, you must use all the dice on each roll. Black means that the option doesn't apply to that card.

Object of the Game

Be the first player out of cards by rolling all of your dealt combos.


Separate the Chip Chart cards from the deck and give one to each player. Place any extras back in the box. Keep your Chip Chart face up in front of you as a reference.

Shuffle the Combo cards and deal them face down accordingly:

  • 2-3 players - 5 cards
  • 4 players - 4 cards

Look at your cards but keep them hidden from opponents.

Stack the remaining cards face down in the middle of the playing area as a draw pile. (There will also be a discard pile that is created as the game progresses).

Select one player to be the Chipmaster. The Chipmaster distributes the chips when they are earned and collects them when they are redeemed. The Chipmaster gives each player one chip to start.

Game Play

Each player rolls one die and whoever gets the highest roll goes first.

On your turn, choose a card from your hand and try to complete the combo. Place the card face up in front of you and announce the challenge to the other players. Let them know whether they are also involved.

Next, roll the dice!

If you successfully complete the combo, discard the card in a face up pile next to the draw pile and collect the number of chips shown in the top middle of the card.

You may then cash in chips to take an additional action. Otherwise, play passes to the left.

If you don't complete the combo, you can choose to simply take the card back and end your turn (play passes to the left), or you can cash in chips and take an additional action.

Keep card if chips don't help beat challenge.

  • If you don't complete a combo after two or more different attempts, you may opt to discard the card and draw a new one from the draw pile. However this counts as a turn.

  • If you play a 2 - Player or an All Play card but you are not the one who beats the challenge, you must keep the card. You cannot get rid of that card unless you are the one who beats the challenge.

  • If more than one player beats a 2-Player or All Play challenge, all winners receive the chips on the card.

Cashing Chips

At the start or end of your turn, you may cash in chips either to help you or to hinder an opponent. There are a range of actions you may take:

Extra Roll1 chipTake an extra roll during your turn. Use this if you're close to completing a combo. No limit to the number of rolls as long as you have chips to pay.
Extra Turn3 chipsTake another turn. Attempt to beat the same Combo card or start with a new card from your hand.
Pickup5 chipsForce an opponent of choice to pick up one card from the draw pile.
Trade Swap5 chipsSwap a card from your hand with a card from any opponent. You don't get to choose what is given to you.
Trash Swap7 chipsSwap a card from your hand with any card from the discard pile.
Discard a Card9 chipsTake any card from your hand and place it in the discard pile.

End of the Game

The first player out of cards wins the game.

For a longer game, deal a larger number of cards to each player before starting.

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