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  • 72 Cards
  • 1 Paint Can Storage Tin
  • Instructions

Object of the Frame

To slap the most correct Color Smash cards.

Players can choose to play the standard style (playing through the deck of cards once) or competitive style (playing until one person has all of the cards).


Shuffle and deal all cards evenly, face down, among players. Do not look at the cards.

Game Play

The player wearing the most colors goes first, the game proceeds clockwise.

Taking turns, players will flip over their top card front side towards the opponents (underhanded) and place it in the center of the table, forming a pile.

Each new color splat will cover the previous card.

If the card shows a splat with no color word, nothing happens.

Game proceeds and players shouldn't slap the pile.

Does it match? - Slap the pile!

If the card shows a color splat and a color word, read the word on the card and quickly decide if it matches the color of the paint splatter.

For example, a card with a green splatter and the word Green is a matching card.

All players try to slap the stack as fast as possible. The first player to slap the pile wins and takes all cards in the pile.

The player places their cards to the side, or if playing competition style, on the bottom of their stack.

The color word doesn't match? - Don't slap the pile!

If a player slaps the pile when there is no word OR the color word doesn't match, they must place 5 of their cards under the middle pile as a penalty.

The game proceeds where it was interrupted and continues clockwise.

Avoid mistakes!

When a player is out of cards, they are out of the game and can't slap the pile anymore.

Steal Card

When a Steal Card is played, players must be first to slap the pile.

The winner is allowed to steal 5 of the cards already collected by the opponent of their choice.

End of the Game

In standard play, the game ends when all cards have been played. Players combine any cards left in their hand with the cards they placed to the side during the game.

Cards remaining in the middle pile are not counted.

The winner is the player with the most total cards at the end of the game.

Competition Style Game

The rules are the same, except that when a player wins a slap, the cards are added to the bottom of their hand instead of placed to the side.

The winner is the player who collects every card.

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