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  • 108 Color Slap cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To collect the most Color Slap Cards.


Remove all Color Slap Cards from the box and shuffle.

Deal the cards out evenly among all players with the Splat side facing down. Do not look at your cards.

Game Play

  1. Choose one player to go first. The first player flips over the top card of his/her stack and places it in the center within reach of all players, Splat-side up.

  2. Players take turns clockwise, forming a single pile, until a Word Slap Card is placed on the pile.

  3. Word Slap Cards

    When a Word Slap card is placed on the pile all players may attempt to slap the pile.

    Whoever covers the pile with his/her hand first takes the pile and puts it aside.

  4. Wild Word Slap Cards

    The cards with a color name that does not match the color of the splat are known as Wild Word Slap Cards.

    If a player slaps the Wild Word slap Card, he/she must place 5 of his/her cards on the bottom of the center pile.

End of the Game

The game continues until there are no more cards to be played. The player with the most cards collected wins.

Tournament Style Game

Game set up and play is the same.

When a player wins cards he/she adds those cards to his/her stack. A player is eliminated when he/she has no cards left.

The player with all of the cards wins!

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