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  • 16 taboo vegetable cards
  • 112 vegetable cards

Object of the Game

The players try to create a colorful salad as quickly as possibly by taking turns to put down their vegetable cards. Then as fast as the cards are being played, the players must "correctly" name the vegetable.

But watch out, only the player who can quickly and correctly juggle between the truth and (emergency) lies will win! Truly Tongue Twisting!


All 128 cards are well shuffled and dealt evenly to the players. Spare cards are put aside. Every player holds his cards in a pile, hiding the faces and off you go!

Game Play

The youngest player starts. Quick as a flash, he places the top card from his pile face up on the table and without hesitating he names the vegetable depicted: Tomato; lettuce; cauliflower or pepper.

The game continues clockwise. In turn, each player places his top card on the pile and names "his vegetable" using the following rules:

  1. The player must always tell the truth!


    • if the vegetable on his card matches the last vegetable played then he must lie!
    • if the vegetable on his card matches the last statement (made by the player before him) then he must also lie!
  2. If the player plays a taboo vegetable card, he must always

  3. If the vegetable on his card matches the visible taboo vegetable card, the player must lie!

Taboo Vegetable Cards (TVC)

Among the cards, there are four of each vegetable type, on which a fat cockroach is depicted. If a player plays a TVC, he must always shout "cockroach" loudly! This vegetable is then immediately taboo and cannot be named for as long as the TVC is visible.

The first pile is temporarily set aside. The following cards are then laid on a second pile next to the first until another TVC appears. Then the player shouts "cockroach" once again and everyone changes back to the first pile, etc. From now on, the new taboo vegetable cannot be named.

Attention: When changing piles, two TVC are visible (for one single turn), so both types of vegetables are taboo!

Mistakes: Every wrong word, every stutter, every aaaaaah, every oooooh, every delay of more than three seconds counts as a mistake! If a player makes a mistake, he must pick up all the cards that have already been played and he starts the new round.

End of the Game

The person who plays all the cards in his hand first ends and wins the game!


  1. Sabine plays a lettuce and says "Lettuce"!

  2. Dad plays a pepper taboo card and shouts "Cockroach"! Q Thomas swops piles, plays a tomato and says "Tomato"!

  3. Conrad also plays a tomato and says "Cauliflower"! (Because pepper is taboo and tomato was played as the last card by Thomas, lettuce would also have been correct here).

  4. Sabine also plays a tomato and says "Lettuce"! (As pepper is taboo, cauliflower was said last and tomato was the last card to be played).

  5. Dad plays a cauliflower taboo card and shouts "Cockroach"!

  6. Thomas changes the pile, plays a pepper and says "Lettuce"! (Because cauliflower and pepper are both TVC for this one turn and are both taboo. Tomato would also have been correct).

  7. Conrad plays a cauliflower and says "Tomato"! (Cauliflower is taboo, lettuce was the last vegetable called and pepper was the last card played. Tomato is the only possibility).

  8. Sabine plays a pepper and says "Lettuce"! This is a mistake and she must pick up all the cards from both piles! (Sabine has to tell the truth as the pepper taboo card is no longer visible and pepper was neither played nor named in the last turn).

Combination With Cockroach Soup

Take two types of salad cards and two types of soup cards and the corresponding tabu and slurp cards. Play the salad cards by the cockroach salad rules and the soup cards by the cockroach soup rules.

Enjoy "Cockroach Salad"!

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