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Preset Fossil Fuel Power Plant Setups

For your usual games, we suggest that you place the fossil fuel power plants at random during setup. But, you may also want to begin the game with a pre-configured setup. These are our suggestions:

  1. Beginner (Green) - 4 gas, 1 oil, and 1 coal; global CO2 pollution starts at 150 ppm.

  2. Normal (Recycler) - 2 gas, 2 oil, and 2 coal; global CO2 pollution starts at 180 ppm.

  3. Expert (Industrialist) - 1 gas, 1 oil, 4 coal; global CO2 pollution starts at 210 ppm.

  4. Extreme (Lobbyist) - 6 coal; global CO2 pollution starts at 240 ppm. Take 6 gas power plant tiles out of the game.

Take the fossil fuel power plants described above place them at random (face-up), one in each region.

Auction To Determine First Player

Experienced players may want to use this auction variant to decide the first player each decade.

To determine the first player for the decade, players make a once-around auction, in which they offer a numeric 'Value'. The first bidder is the player with the 'starting tile', and the auction runs in clockwise order. Players may raise the previous bid, or pass.

The player who offered the highest 'Value' (it can be '0'), pays it, chooses who will be the first player for the next decade and gives him the 'starting player tile'. You are allowed to pay the 'Value' bid in coins, tech resources, and/or CEPs.

Each coin is worth 1, each tech resource is worth 2, and each CEP's 'Value' is equal to the market price at that moment. You get no change, so if you have pay more than your winning bid, tough!

Solitaire Variant

Earn as many points as you can before global CO2 pollution rises above 500ppm. Use the base rules, with the following exceptions:

Setup: Before taking your Company Goal, remove Company Goals 27, 30, 32 and 33 from the game. Keep the UN Goals in a face-down stack.

Select a region. Take 1 of each of the 5 projects into your hand, then draw one without peeking, and put it in the grant space of your choice there, without receiving the grant.

If that region's agenda does not accept that type of project, go to the next region clockwise that accepts that type, and place it there. Continue clockwise from there with the next random project until all 5 projects are placed.

It's possible that one region starts with more than one project. Remember: You don't get the grants for these 5 starter projects!

Play 6 turns instead of 5 in each decade.

When you play a lobby card using a free move, you receive another card from the face-down deck. If you used the Main Lobby (the center part of the card), reveal a new UN Goal from the stack, to the right of any existing ones; it is now available to be claimed.

Each time a disaster occurs (see 1.3 Events), remove the leftmost face-up UN Goal in the display from the game.

When the global CO2 pollution level rises above 500 ppm during the Supply phase, the game ends, but you still score, because we know it takes more than one person to stop pollution.

Total your victory points, but do not distribute income, since you just receive it in the income step of this Supply phase.

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