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  • 4 Clifford Pawns
  • Clifford Dog House Dice Slide
  • 16 Invitation Cards
  • Die
  • Game Board
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to hand out all of your party invitations and make it back to the beach party!


  • Lay the Game Board flat on the playing surface.

  • Snap together Clifford's Dog House, and set it near the middle of the Board, in the dotted lines of the square, with the door facing in toward the party.

  • Each player chooses a Clifford Pawn and places it in the middle party area of the board.

  • Each player takes one Invitation for each of Clifford's friends: Cleo, T-Bone, Mac and Mimi.

  • For a shorter game, only hand out two or three of the Invitations. Decide up-front how many to hand out.

Game Play

The youngest player goes first, dropping the Die into the top of the Dog House Dice Slide. Whichever color the Die shows is the next color space you move to on the path.

If the Die shows two colors, you get to choose which of those two colors to move to next!

Moving along the board paths

  • You may start on whichever path you want and go whichever direction you want.

  • You may go backward and forward.

  • Players may not share a space. If you land on a space already occupied, move to the next open space of that color.

  • You reach a friend's location by landing on the multi-color square that fades into the big square.

Players take turns dropping the Die into the dog house (one drop per turn), with play moving to the left.

When you reach a friend whom you have not yet invited to the party, stop in their location and lay down their invitation in the corner square.

Once you have given an invitation to each of the friends, head back to the middle party area!

End of the Game

The first player to return to the beach party area after delivering all four invitations is the winner!

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