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Clan Buchanan

Several members of this clan were prosperous 'Tobacco Lords' in Glasgow. Most of their tobacco imports from the United States were immediately re-exported to mainland Europe. Buchanan Street is one of the main shopping streets in Glasgow and was named after a wealthy Tobacco Lord, Andrew Buchanan, who owned the land it was originally built on.

You have an additional Export box and can thus obtain one or two Export contracts in one turn. If you obtain just one Export contract per turn, you pay the regular cost of the current round. However, if you obtain two Export contracts (two Export contracts from the action Obtain an Export contract, or two Export contracts from the Building bonus) in one turn, you pay the cost only once instead of twice.

If you are given the Building bonus, you draw six instead of three Export contracts and you can select 0-2 Export contracts.

Fulfil an Export contract action: You can fulfil up to two Export contracts per turn.

In the first round: If you obtain two Export contracts in a single turn, you receive the +£5 bonus only once. However, during each turn in which you obtain an Export contract you gain the £5; so you can obtain an Export contract in one turn and gain £5, then obtain an additional Export contract in another turn and again gain £5-even if the first Export contract has not yet been fulfilled.

Strategy: Because taking two Export contracts in one turn in later rounds is a lot cheaper for you, you want to focus on smaller Export contracts and fulfil most in the last two rounds.

Clan Campbell

Colen Campbell was a pioneering Scottish architect and architectural writer, credited as a founder of the Georgian style.

This clan gets better at building factories of Processed goods the more often the clan builds them.

The first factory of each type is £3 cheaper, the second and third factory of each type is £4 cheaper and the fourth factory of one kind is £5 cheaper. So this clan has an incentive to specialise in producing a lot of Processed goods.

Strategy: Produce a lot of one type of Processed good that is in high demand in Export contracts. Selling your Processed goods is a good source of income too.

Clan Cunningham

Cunninghame is the northern part of Ayrshire, one of the most agriculturally fertile regions of Scotland where raising cattle has traditionally been important. 'Cuinneag' is Gaelic for milk pail and 'ham' means village in Old English.

You produce butter out of Milk. At the end of the Production phase, you may discard any number of Milk tokens in your stock (no merchants needed). For each Milk token you discard, gain £8. Do not adjust the Milk price.

Strategy: Produce as much Milk as possible and buy some if the price is low. Avoid producing Cheese as it consumes your precious Milk!

Clan Fergusson

Clan Fergusson was historically widespread in Scotland which was rather unusual. They have spread across Scotland from as far as Ross-shire in the north to Dumfriesshire in the south.

Placing initial Workers: You start with three starting Workers (for which you still must fully pay). In addition you start with 2-loch Shipping level for free in a 3-4 player game (1-loch Shipping in a 1-2 player game).

You place your third Worker after all other players have placed theirs. You must place all three starting Workers on border spaces of the active map. You must still pay for all three workers and the land costs.

Strategy: Use your Shipping reach and Port bonus tiles!

Clan Macdonald

Clan MacDonald is a Highland clan and one of the largest Scottish clans. Their district was the Inner Hebrides, an archipelago off the west coast of mainland Scotland. Their clan motto is per mare per terras ('by sea and by land'). The chiefs of the clan held the title 'Lord of the Isles'.

Your Clan tile is put on top of the Miner/Woodcutter area of your Player board. Your Technology area remains empty because you cannot perform the Technology upgrade action.

You have three abilities:

  1. You can use all of your Workers either as Woodcutters, Miners or as Fishermen (even when placing the first workers); all your Workers cost £6 and provide £4 income.

    Fishermen can be placed on or moved to all empty loch spaces and Port bonus tiles, even in a 1-2 player game. There are no land costs on loch placements. Two Fishermen may never be adjacent to each other (otherwise you deplete the natural resources).

  2. Once per turn, you can move a Fisherman to an adjacent loch space by rowing but only before your main Action.

  3. In 1-2 player games, you start with river-crossing Shipping for free.

You still need the appropriate Shipping reach to expand across loch spaces. Land spaces adjacent to Fishermen are considered to be neighbouring and thus accessible in the Expand action even without any Shipping reach. The Neighbourhood bonus can be taken advantage of when deploying a Fisherman as well, but not when rowing.

Strategy: Use your rowing ability to increase your reach and for your Settlement scoring.

Clan Mackenzie

Clan MacKenzie bought the Dalmore Distillery, one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, in 1867. The award winning distillery is still running and is known for its very exclusive whiskies.

In the Production phase you gain £3 for each unit of Whisky you produce (because it is so good!). You do not have to discard any Whisky to get this money.

Furthermore, you have a cellar. At the beginning of each Production phase, Whisky barrels already in the cellar age and are moved one spot to the right. The Whisky barrel starting a Production phase in the rightmost space of the cellar is placed into your stock. You can move any Whisky barrel from the cellar into your stock at any time. When you move aged Whisky out of the cellar into your stock, you gain £7 or £15 respectively.

At the end of each Production phase you may then put one freshly-produced Whisky barrel in the cellar on the left spot so it can age in later Production phases. For the purposes of Scoring tile #2, Whisky in the cellar does score.

Strategy: As long as the Whisky price is medium or high, selling Whisky provides you with a lot of money to reinvest. When the Whisky price drops, ageing the Whisky and/or exporting it is better.

Clan Robertson

Clan Robertson is one of the oldest clans of Scotland. Their clan district is called 'Struan' and lies at the confluence of the Errochty Water and Garry rivers. The district name is derived from the Gaelic word 'Sruthan', which means 'streams'.

Each time you place a unit in a river delta (a space that is adjacent to a river just flowing into a loch) you pay £3 less (£2 less in games with 1-2 players) off the total cost. This applies to placing your initial two Workers as well.

Strategy: You obviously want to start at or near to river deltas and expand as much into river delta spaces as possible. Slaughtering livestock on river deltas allows you to expand on river deltas more often.

Clan Stewart

Clan Stewart is a Highland clan. It produced powerful monarchs such as Mary Stuart and Queen Anne.

You start with three additional Merchants (five total) and river-crossing Shipping level for free. Furthermore, you gain £1 each time you trade at the Market (in the case of making a purchase, you receive the money before paying), no matter how many units you trade. If you use the Neighbourhood bonus and trade multiple types of Goods in one turn, you gain £1 for each type of Good traded.

Hint: It is easier to simply take a £1 Coin each time you visit the Market.

Strategy: Try to get the +£1 bonus on the Market as often as possible. It can help producing a bit of everything and selling and buying small amounts of each type of Good.

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