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Shorter Game

  • For the short version of the game, fewer plantation tiles are needed. From each color remove a total of 5 tiles (3 without wells and 2 with wells).

  • Use 3 Fincas at the beginning (instead of 4) on building sites A, B and C.

  • Remove the building site tiles A, B and C, as well as L, M, N and O from the game.

  • In the short version of the game, some Fincas are built on the edge of the board. These Fincas are scored when the surrounding 5 spaces on the board are occupied.

Family Game

For the family version of the game, the 2nd building rule is omitted, that is, each road from a Finca does not need to have a plantation of a different color.

This simplifies building and the game will be easier for younger players to grasp.

Random Starting Building Sites

  • Instead of the starting Fincas on building sites A-D, random starting positions can be selected. For this purpose, all 15 building site tiles are shuffled face down. The top four are drawn and the starting Fincas are placed on the corresponding building sites.

  • (Another option is to build only 3 starting Fincas instead of 4, thereby limiting the building possibilities even further).

Note: Theoretically, it is conceivable that a player is unable to perform any action, when all his plantations are harvested and there are no plantations available for him to build. This case has not occurred in numerous playtests, but should it happen, the player simply passes.

If the game is blocked and no other player can take a turn, a new Finca is added to the game board according to the rules (see "New Finca and refi ll the market").

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