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Mission Objectives

When playing an Artifact, place it face up on the table in front of you. These are amazing items from the Past or Future which only a time traveler can acquire.


Things that do stuff

When playing a Gadget, place it face up on the table in front of you. Gadgets have their own special features you can use later. Follow the directions on the card.


Single-use event cards

When you play an Action card, do whatever it says, then discard it.


A special type of action

Timewarps are extra powerful Action cards. When you play a Timewarp card, do whatever it says, then discard it.


How to change history

History is filled with important events that a time traveler could reshape, plus other events that "ripple" when history changes. The TimeLine features 13 "linchpin" events, each of which is identified by a unique icon. Notice that these icons have two forms: black (True) and red (Prime).

Inverters are used to reverse Linchpins. There are several different kinds of Inverters, some of which can be used on any Linchpin card, and some of which can only be used on specific Linchpins.

When you play an Inverter, turn over the Linchpin you want to flip, then adjust all Ripplepoints that change as a result (see below for detailed examples), and lastly, place the Inverter on the discard pile.

Note: Inverters only flip Linchpins. (Ripplepoints flip Indirectly).


How to repair history

When a Linchpin changes, other events on the TimeLine will change as well. At first, holes called Paradoxes will appear. These holes are repaired with Patches.

A Patch can only be played onto its corresponding Paradox on the TimeLine (as indicated by the card's year and Time Index). To Patch a year, simply place the Patch card over the appropriate Paradox. When you do this, you immediately get to draw a card (as payment for your efforts by the Time Repair Agency).

Some Patches, specifically 1945 and 1962, have special properties; see the section on "Temporal Anomalies".

Patches are Nullified (i.e. removed from the TimeLine and discarded) if history is changed back again. Just follow the symbols at the bottom of the Patch card.

Note: Patches are ONLY played on Paradoxes, not Rippleponte.

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