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  • 24 Animal tokens
  • 4 Cow Poop tokens
  • 12 Animal Hybrid cards
  • 1 Little Joe Chickapig pawn
  • 1 Cow pawn
  • 1 Farm Game Board
  • 3 Chickapiglet Friend pawns
  • 1 Storage bag
  • Instructions


  • Shuffle all the Animal tokens and Cow Poop tokens together. Then randomly place them all face-down on the game board, with one token in each circle on the game board.

  • Place the Little Joe Chickapig and the Cow pawns on the Start space of the game board.

  • Each player draws 1 Animal Hybrid card and places it in front of them with the 2 animals facing up.

  • The youngest player goes first!

Game Play

Players take turns, moving clockwise around the game board, and work together to help move Little Joe Chickapig from the start to the finish.

On your turn...

Look for the 2 animals on your card so you can create a new Animal Hybrid!

Flip over 2 tokens on the game board. It's important to leave the tokens on the game board until both are flipped so all players can see what animals are shown.

When flipping...

  • If one or both of the tokens match an animal on your Animal Hybrid card, place that token on its spot on your card. Any animals that do not match your card stay on the game board and are flipped back over so they are hidden.

  • If you place the second animal on your Animal Hybrid card. Little Joe scoresl Flip over the card to reveal the hybrid animal you just made! Is it Oscar the Owlaphant or was it Gerald the Gir'Turtle?

  • Now, move Little Joe 5 spaces ahead and draw a new Animal Hybrid card. Players keep the Animal tokens they've collected until the end of the game.

But if you flip over a Cow Poop...

  • Then your turn stops immediately, and you must move the Cow 5 spaces ahead on the board.

  • Remove the Cow Poop token from the game board. If another Animal token on the game board is showing, flip it back over so it is hidden. Players may not collect any tokens on their Animal Hybrid card when a Cow Poop is found.

After flipping Animal tokens, your turn is over. Remember, you're all in it together. Players can work together to remind each other where their animals are hidden on each turn.

Whenever anyone makes a new Animal Hybrid, Little Joe Chickapig races closer to the finish! The race is on!

End of the Game

If Little Joe crosses the finish line first, you ALL win! But, if the Cow crosses the finish line first, he wins.

Is the Cow Too Slow for you

Try mixing up the rules for more of a challenge. You're all still playing together, but now try finding BOTH animals on the same turn to score.

If the 2 tokens you select on your turn do not match the 2 animals on your card, then they are both flipped back over and your turn ends.

Barnyard Rules (Advanced Play)

Want to stretch your own Chickapig legs and show how fast you are? Try racing head-to-head with other players!

Each player chooses a pawn - either Little Joe Chickapig or one of his Chickapiglet friends - and places it on the Start space.

On your turn, you still flip over 2 tokens, but you must find BOTH animals on the same turn to score. Even if you find 1 matching animal, both tokens are still flipped back over and your turn ends.

When you do score, move your Chickapig 5 spaces and draw another Animal Hybrid card. Then your turn is over.

Don't forget you're all still racing the Cow. The same Cow rules apply. Look out for those Cow Poops - or else the Cow moves!

The first one across the finish line wins!

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