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A card which can cancel other cards may only affect a target card as that card is being played. Canceled cards are discarded. If the card was an Activity, the Free Time for that Activity is lost.

If someone cancels Shopping, all Thing cards that the roommate was trying to buy are returned to his hand. A canceling card has no effect on any card already in play.

A card that is "being played" is a card that a roommate has announced and put in his room. You must play a canceling card before that roommate:

  1. puts down another card, or

  2. rolls to see if a Person is coming over, or to see how much Slack a card gives, or

  3. ends his turn.

Example: Moron with a Chainsaw can cancel a Sleep card. If Tri plays a Sleep card and ends her turn, and then Jamie draws a Moron with a Chainsaw on his next turn, Jamie cannot affect the Sleep card Tri already played. Jamie will have to wait until someone announces that he is playing a Sleep card, at which point Jamie can cancel it.

Tv Cards

You may play TVas a normal Activity, or you may play it against a room- mate to cancel one of his Free Times.

As a roommate announces what he will do with his Free Time (Shopping or performing an Activity), play a TV card on him.

He then spends that Free Time watching TV, and the Activity card he attempted to play, if any, is discarded. Thing cards return to his hand. He keeps the TV card in his room and gains 1 Slack.

TV cannot be used to prevent players from Calling People.

Hungry Girl, Clumsy Drunk, Psycho Ex and Choad Warrior

These uninvited People have special rules for their behavior. When Hungry Girl, Clumsy Drunk, or Choad Warrior are played on you, you must immediately discard one card from your room, of the type stated on the uninvited

Person's card (Food, Booze, Weed, or Live-In S.O).. You choose what to discard. Each consecutive turn one of these People is in your room, you must discard one card of the appropriate type, until all cards of that type are gone from your room.

After these pests eat/drink/destroy all cards of the appropriate type, they still stay in your room until you can get rid of them.

Jobs and Slack

If your job increases the Slack of other cards in your room (such as Waitstaff increasing Sleep Slack), put a marker on the cards to show the extra Slack.

If you get a new Job during the game because of You're Fired! or New Job, you keep this extra Slack on cards that you acquired during your old Job. The new Job's special trait only ap- plies to cards played after the Job card comes into play.

Example: Jose has Slacker, and has some Booze in his room. He plays New Job, and draws Professional Research Subject. Jose may keep the Booze he already played, but may not play any more Booze, Weed, or Shrooms cards.

Example: Russ draws the Web Designer card, which gives him 2 additional Slack if someone successfully plays Surf the Net. Vikki has Surf the Net in her room. However, Russ does not get bonus Slack from her Surf the Net card, because it was in play before he drew his new Job.

Double Cards

There are certain cards that fall into more than one category. For example, Hash Brownies counts as both Weed and Food, and Sloths: Nature's Sedatives (from Slack Attack) counts as TV and Sleep.

These cards are open to the at- tacks and benefits of both categories, so Sloths: Nature's Sedatives can be canceled by Car Alarm, but gains Slack from TV Queen.

Noisy Nookie

At any time a player gets Nookie worth 5 or more Slack, the roommates on either side of him lose (if they have it) one Sleep card from their rooms. Yes, this can remove an already-played Sleep card.

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