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  • 80 popcorn cards
  • 1 popcorn shaker
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Collect the most cards by adding up the popcorn on the dice and matching them to the total on your cards.


Place the shaker in the middle of the playing area. Separate the "burnt" popcorn cards from the rest and place them off to the side. Shuffle the rest of the cards and deal four to each player.

Place your cards face up in a row in front of you. Stack the rest of the cards face down into a draw a pile within reach of everyone.

Game Play

Chef Pop-de-Pop is played out over several rounds. Whoever most recently used dental floss starts the first round by shaking the shaker and placing it back in the center of the playing area, visible to all.

First look at the action die (black border) and do the following, depending on the icon that faces up:

All players race to be the first to pop out of their seats and shout "Pop!" If you are the first, collect all four of your cards and put them face down into a score pile next to you.

If it's a tie, all tied players collect their cards. This ends the round. (No other players may collect cards).

Yuck, burnt popcorn! If you shook the shaker, collect one burnt popcorn card and add it to your score pile.

This counts -1 against your total at the end. Round continues as described below.

Time to share! If you shook the shaker, take one popcorn card (not burnt) from any player's score pile and add it to yours. Round continues as described below.

If you shook the shaker, draw the top popcorn card from the center pile and add it to your row. Round continues as described below.

Count up the Corn

If the "POP!" didn't appear on the action die, look at the rest of the dice and count up the various flavors of popcorn shown. Total each flavor separately and announce the totals out loud. (For example, "Three plain, two butter, two caramel").

Then everyone should compare each flavor's total with the popcorn on their cards. If you can combine one or more of your cards to equal the total of a single flavor, collect those cards and place them face down into your score pile.

You may use any combination of cards, but they must match the flavor and total exactly. For example, if there are three caramel popcorn on the dice and you have three cards each with one piece of caramel popcorn, you can collect all three cards.

Note: You may match more than one flavor if you have the cards that equal the totals.

Once all players have collected their cards, everyone draws back up to four cards, starting with the player who shook the shaker and moving to the left. Pass the shaker to the player on the left, who starts the next round.


In this round, Player A shook the shaker and 1 first collects one burnt popcorn card for the icon on the action die.

She then compares the totals in the shaker to her cards and 2 collects the "2 butter" card since it matches the two butter in the shaker.

3 She also collects the "2 plain" and "1 plain" cards since the total matches the three plain.

4 Player B collects his three "1 plain" cards since the total also matches the three plain in the shaker.

End of the Game

The game ends either when the popcorn draw pile or the burnt popcorn pile runs out (whichever happens first). If the popcorn draw pile runs out first, play one more round. (Some players may have fewer than four cards that round).

If the burnt popcorn pile runs out, the game ends at the end of the current round.

At either point, all players should count up the cards in their scoring piles, subtracting one point for each burnt popcorn card collected. Whoever has the highest score wins.

Advanced Scoring

Instead of scoring one point per card, total up the individual kernels on each card and then subtract five points for each burnt popcorn card collected.

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