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  • 26 Consonant letters
  • 11 Vowel letters
  • 20 2-Sided Cards
  • 4 Mice
  • Bowl
  • Die
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to spell a word on your Card using your sneaky Mouse tail to steal Letters!


Place the Bowl in the middle of the play area. Put all of the Letters in the Bowl, randomly.

Choose one color set of Cards and place them in a stack. Some sets have shorter words with pictures, and some have longer words. Set aside the other Cards for a later game.

Each player chooses a Mouse and takes one Card. Set your Card in front of you so you can see the word you need to spell!

Game Play

The youngest player goes first, rolling the Die, which will determine who gets to take a turn!

The Die

  • If the Die lands with a color showing, the player with that color Mouse gets to try to hook a Letter! If it lands on a color not in play, just roll again.

  • If the Die shows a multi-color circle, all players get to try hooking a Letter, one at a time, starting with the player who rolled the Die, moving to the left.

  • If the Die shows a cheese wedge, the player who rolled the Die has to put one of their letters back into the Bowl. If you don't have any letters, nothing happens.

Pass the Die to the player who just hooked or returned a letter (Die moves with player), and so on.

Hooking Letters

  • Holding your Mouse and using the tail, try to hook a Letter through the cheesy holes!

  • Don't necessarily go in the order of the word, go for the easiest letter to reach (i.e. if your word is LUCK and the "L" is difficult to reach and the "U" is right on top, go for the "U"and maybe on your next turn the"L" will be more accessible!).

  • If no Letters you need are reachable, you can use your mouse to gently move them around.

  • You have to hook your Letter and carry it safely over to your card without dropping it. If you drop it too soon, you don't get to keep it.

End of the Game

The first player to spell their word with the cheesy Letters wins! Celebrate by spelling your word in a cheer using your arms!

Note to Parents

The M and W, and N and Z, can be difficult to tell apart while lying in the bowl.

You may want to make children aware of this and remind them to look closely before hooking letters.

Independent Play

Children can play by themselves by simply hooking letters to spell words on the Cards. It's a fun and educational activity!

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