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  • 44 Chart Cards
  • 250 hilarious Y-Axis cards
  • Instructions

Game Play

  1. Draw 7 Cards

    Start with each Charty partier drawing seven orange cards.

    The little ones, they look like this.

  2. Choose the Judge

    Don't worry, the honor is temporary. We suggest starting with the biggest nerd.

    Either way, the judge draws a Chart card.

  3. Everyone play a card

    The players (not the judge) all play a card to name the Y-axis (Vertical) by passing it face-down to the judge.

    Your instinct is going to be to play the funniest card.

    Don't, but play the card the judge will think is funniest.

  4. The Judge decides

    The Judge shuffles the face down cards and presents each of them with the chart.

    The Judge chooses their favorite and gives the chart card to the winner to keep score.

    The person to the left (or right, we don't really care) of the judge takes over for the next round.

Play until your cold, empty heart is full.

Example Y-axis Cards

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