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I. Journey Card Effects

All Quiet - No Effect.

Kraken - Resolve Combat against the Kraken. Defeating the Kraken grants the player 3 glory. Surviving Warriors advance to combat the Monster.

Lost - Lose 2 items of your choice (2 Food, 2 Viking Warriors, or 1 of each).

No Wind - Lose 1 Food.

Storm - Lose 1 Food or 1 Viking Warrior (your choice).

Whirlpool - Lose 1 Viking Warrior.

II.Viking Leaders

Asmundr the Pious - Asmundr wishes to be Odin's Chosen representative in Midgard and has turned acquisition of Favor into a Glorious pursuit! His ability essentially allows Asmundr to use his Favor Tokens for free. He will always gain the 2 Glory from them whether he spends them on rerolling or not.

He may still wish to use them sparingly in order to either achieve a destiny or make it more difficult for other players to do so. Asmunder still discards Favor tokens when he uses them to reroll.

Dagrun the Destined - Dagrun has the gift of a sage but never focused on developing it due to all her combat training - she has not however suppressed her abilities completely. Whenever Dagrun places a worker on the Sage's House location she draws an extra Destiny Card allowing her to more freely choose her destinies.

The card she does not select is returned to the bottom of the Destiny Card deck. When used in conjunction with the True Vision Rune Card, Dagrun draws 4 Destiny Cards but still selects only 1 to keep.

Gylfir the Seaworthy - Half merchant and half warrior, Gylfir has connections down at the docks. When going to the Merchant Ship location he finds many warriors willing to fight by his side and many merchants willing to part with some spare supplies to aid his cause.

Whenever Gylfir places a worker at the Merchant Ship location he takes whatever is indicated on the card without paying the Coin required of the other leaders.

Svanhildr the Swordmaiden - Svanhildr has specialized in a weapon generally scoffed at by other Viking Leaders. Regarded as weaker than the axe and less versatile than the spear, a sword in Svanhildr's hands can be just as deadly as either.

A result of 1-hit on a Swordsman die does 2 damage for Svanhildr and a result of 2-hits does 3 damage. This does gain her extra Food when hunting but she may still not exceed the maximum of 6 in the Hunting Grounds space - there are only so many deer in the forest after all.

Ullr the Berserker - Ullr was trained in the ways of the berserker and in turn teaches his Warriors how to fight without fear, for the Glory of their clan!

During any round of combat in which 1 or more Warrior Dice shows a 2-hit result, Ullr gains 1 Glory to be scored immediately on the track (regardless of the final outcome of the battle).

III. Rune Cards

All Rune Cards are single use and contain the "flip to activate" symbol. They may be activated at any time.

Gifts - Collect 4 resources from the general supply. Choose any combination of Wood, Food, and/or Coins.

Glory - Use when defeating an enemy (Troll, Draugr, Kraken, or Monster). Gain 50% more Glory for defeating that enemy (rounded down). (e.g. Use when defeating a Monster worth 13 Glory; Gain 6 additional Glory).

Healing - Negate the loses suffered in a single round of combat. If the combat continues, future losses are suffered in full.

Journey - After revealing a Journey Card, discard it without suffering the consequences. Reveal the next Journey Card in the deck and apply those results instead (even if they are worse).

Knowledge - View all face-down Journey Cards on the board. Do not look at the Journey Cards in the deck.

Potential - Use after rolling for a round of hunting or combat. Any dice which show a blank result are re-rolled and their new result is used instead.

Reaction - Use after rolling for a round of hunting or combat. Count shield results as single hits. They still count as shields as well. (Swordsman dice used this way count as 2-hit results for Svanhildr)

Success - Reveal a Destiny Card in your possession and score it immediately. Keep the card and score it again at game end.

True Vision - Use when activating the Sage's House. Draw two additional Destiny Cards. Keep just 1 and return the others to the bottom of the deck.

Wealth - Double the amount of Coins currently in your possession. You may not gain more than 5 Coins in this way.

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