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Fuel, align and harmonize your Chakras. To this end, you have to capture the universe 's positive energy, while alleviating the negative.


  • 1 common Lotus board
  • 4 individual boards to assemble
  • 1 Universe bag
  • 20 Inspiration tokens
  • 8 Plenitude tokens
  • 28 Meditation tokens
  • 1 First player token
  • Instructions


Each player connects the two parts of their individual board.

They get 5 Inspiration tokens , which they place on the bottom of their board.

For each player in the game, place 3 energy of each of the 8 colors in the bag:

In all, you place 24 energy per player in the bag.

Note : in 2- and 3-player games, put the unused energy back into the box.

The common Lotus board is placed at the same distance between all the players.

Randomly place 1 face down Plenitude token on each of the 7 Karma spaces (top of the board).

The 8th Plenitude token is put back into the box, without showing its value to the players.

Place 1 energy, randomly drawn from the Universe bag, on each of the 9 Maya spaces (bottom of the board).

All the Meditation tokens are placed next to the Lotus board.

Each player closes their eyes and randomly takes one of the Meditation tokens, which they place on their board, next to the same-colored Chakra.

From this moment on, and at any time during the game, the players can secretly look at the value of the Plenitude tokens for which they have the corresponding Meditation token.

Note: each token shows a value from 1 to 4, which indicates the number of plenitude points that a player wins when they have harmonized the corresponding Chakra.

Give the First player token to the player who looks the most nervous.

Object of the Game

Reach the highest level of plenitude by placing three energy of the right color on the corresponding Chakras.

Game Play

Receive Energy

1. Take

The player takes 1, 2, or 3 energy of different colors from the same Maya Flow (cf. example 1).

If a player wants to take energy from a flow that shows at least 1 negative energy (black), they must take it, with or without other energy of different colors (cf. example 2).

Important: Except for the negative energy, a player cannot have more than 3 energy of the same color on their board.

If the players realize that one of them has 4 of the same-colored energy on their board, the player to their right chooses which one of these 4 energy must be immediately put back in the Universe bag.

2. Place

All the energy that a player has taken must be placed in the same location:

  • either on the Bhagya Bubbles, above the purple Chakra; each bubble can hold only one energy;

  • or directly on a Chakra, after having placed an Inspiration token in the notch next to the Chakra; each Chakra can hold up to 3 energy.

If there is already an Inspiration token in the notch, placing energy directly on this Chakra is no longer allowed.

3. Refill

Refill the empty spaces of the Lotus board with new energy from the Universe bag.

According to ancient traditions, our vital energy must run freely in our body, and cross all of our seven energy points, called Chakras. Balance is reached by harmonizing one's Chakras, and being careful that none of them become blocked.

Chanel Energy

The player places one of their Inspiration tokens on one of the 8 Inspiration spaces of their board, if there is no token on it yet.

Then, they perform the corresponding action (detailed to the right).

Movement Rules

  • All the moves indicated by the chosen action must be performed. If it is not possible, this action cannot be chosen.

  • A move is allowed if there is a free space on each Chakra that you cross and/ or reach.

    Example 1: the orange energy cannot be moved.

  • The indicated moves are not simultaneous: the player chooses in which order they are performed.

    Example 2: with the action , they can move the red energy down, and then the green energy can go up.

  • If a Chakra is harmonized, one energy can "skip" this Chakra and prevent it from counting towards the moves performed.

    Example 3: with the action , the orange energy can now move down directly to the yellow Chakra.


Harmonize a Chakra

A Chakra is harmonized when a player has collected 3 energy of its color on it.

Important: If an Inspiration token was placed in the notch next to the harmonized Chakra, the player immediately takes it back.

Alleviate a Negative Energy

When a negative energy (black) reaches the "earth" (the area under the red Chakra), this energy is considered as alleviated. The number of alleviated energy that the "earth" can hold is unlimited.


When a player meditates, they perform these 2 actions:

  1. Take

    They take back all their Inspiration tokens placed on Inspiration spaces.

    Important: Meditating does not allow a player to take back the Inspiration tokens placed in the notches next to the Chakras.

  2. Look

    They choose a new Meditation token, place it on their individual board next to the same-colored Chakra, and secretly look at the corresponding Plenitude token.

    Note: a player can meditate even when all their Inspiration tokens are not used.

End of the Game

The end of the game is triggered when a player has at least five harmonized Chakras at the end of their turn.

The current round is finished, allowing all players the same number of turns (check the First player token for a reminder).

Final Scoring

The 7 Plenitude tokens placed on the Lotus board are revealed and each player counts their plenitude level.

The players gain:

  • 1 to 4 plenitude points for each harmonized Chakra;
  • 1 plenitude point for each alleviated energy;

Note: any negative energy still on the player's board do not count as negative points.

Harmonization bonus:

Each player counts, on their board, the number of aligned harmonized Chakras, from the bottom to the top.

The player(s) with the most Chakras thus aligned gain(s) 2 plenitude points.

Aishwarya has:

1 harmonized 5 Chakras, 2 aligned 2 Chakras, 3 alleviated 2 energy.

Plenitude Levels

17 or more plenitude points: You are the Wise One: you have reached spiritual enlightenment! Now you must inspire your loved ones...

15 or 16 plenitude points: You are a great disciple: the pupil will soon surpass their master!

13 or 14 plenitude points: You are the blue butterfly, ready to take flight. You only need a few more flaps of your wings!

10 to 12 plenitude points: You are the chrysalis, ready to emerge.

8 or 9 plenitude points: Work in progress. you are the small cocoon.

Less than 8 plenitude points: Run for a lavender and chamomile herbal tea, take a hot bath, and RELAX! Stress will not overcome.

Scoring Example:

Indrani (left board on the picture below): 14 points

Manushi (right board on the picture below): 13 points

Note: Indrani (left) has aligned 3 harmonized Chakras (red, orange, and yellow).

If Manushi (right) had managed to move her third yellow energy into the yellow Chakra, she would have aligned 4 Chakras and would have gained the +2 Harmonization bonus.

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