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  • 150 2-Sided Cards
  • 15 Chips
  • Score Pad
  • Electronic Timer with Card Holder
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the team with the most points by giving good clues and quickly guessing the right names!


Set out the unit with Cards in it so everyone can reach it. The final round cards go in the smaller slot. Make sure they are separated correctly.

Set out the chips. Divide players into two teams! Uneven teams are OK; you won't really be hurt or helped by one less or one more player.

Game Play

Flip a coin to see which team goes first! The game has four rounds of play, so get ready!

Round 1

  • The first team chooses a Clue Giver.

  • For a 2-player team, the Clue Giver will just give clues to one guesser.

    For teams of more than two, the Clue Giver will give clues for one name to one player until they guess or pass, then move to the next player, and so on. Only one player guesses at a time.

  • The Clue Giver chooses a card from the larger section of the holder.

    Don't let the rest of your team see the names on it! You can read the headline/category of the card to your team.

  • When you are ready to begin, hit the left side of the button on the timer to start your 45-second countdown.

  • Give clues to and guess all 10 names or as many as you can in 45 seconds.

  • When a player guesses a name correctly, that player grabs a chip.

  • When the timer sounds, count up the chips your team collected and you get that many points for the round! Put the chips back into the pile (no need to keep them-write your points on the score pad).

  • Now the other team chooses a Clue Giver and they go, using a different card!

Round 2

Same as Round 1, but choose different Clue Givers! And, each correct answer (chip taken) is worth two points!

Round 3

  • This round is head-to-head.. .get ready for some crazy fun!

  • Each team chooses a Clue Giver and one of them takes a card.

    Both Clue Givers sit next to one another and look at the same card (don't let anyone else see the names!). Read the headline/category to everyone.

  • There is no time limit on this round.

  • Clue Givers give clues to their teammates, one at a time like with the previous rounds. But both Clue Givers are talking at once! And no passing!

  • Players take a chip for each correct answer. The round ends when one team gets through all of the names. Each answer is worth three points. Record scores on the score pad.

Final Round

This round is get ready to shout out answers! The first team chooses a Clue Giver (Hint: pick your best one!).

The Clue Giver takes a final round card from the smaller cardholder area. Make sure no one else sees the names! This card has no headline/category, so the names could be anything!

When you are ready, hit the right side of the timer button to start the 75-second countdown.

Give clues to all players on your team. Everyone can answer and guess as many names as they can!

Take a chip for each correct answer. Each one is worth five points! After the first team is done, the next one goes, choosing a new card.

End of the Game

After the Final Round, count the points on the score pad, and the team with the most points wins!

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