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  • 30 Port of Call cards
  • 2 dry-erase markers (1 red, 1 blue)
  • 2 blindfolds (1 red, 1 blue)
  • 1 eraser
  • 1 game board
  • 1 45-second sand timer
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Draw a clear route to your team's chosen Caribbean ports of call, while blindfolded.

The first team to reach all of its ports and return home wins.


  • Unfold the game board and place it in the middle of the playing area. £ Place the sand timer and dry eraser nearby.

  • Divide players into two teams as equally as possible. (Teammates should sit on the same side of the game board).

  • Randomly give each team a blindfold and a matching color dry-erase marker.

  • Shuffle the Port of Call cards and deal one card face down to each team. Stack the rest of the cards face down, off to the side.

Game Play

The team with the player who last lost their keys goes first. Each team selects a first player be Captain Clueless. When it's your turn as captain, look at your team's Port of Call card and show it to your team.

This is the destination where you must guide your ship. Position the game board in front of you and take a moment to find the port's location on the map. When you are ready, put on the blindfold. (Make sure you can't peek!)

Have a teammate hand you the uncapped marker and help you place the tip on your team's home port (upper left of board).

At this point, one player from the other team should turn the sand timer and say, "Bon Voyage!" Immediately start drawing a route to your destination.

Note: Once the marker is on the board, no part of your body may touch the board!

Your teammates may help you navigate, but only with their words! Furthermore, they are restricted to the total number of words they may collectively say according to the destination number:

Single words are allowed in any order, by any player, at any time until the timer runs out. For example: left, right, up, down, stop, slow, etc. Note that if two people speak at the same time, it counts as two words spoken!

One player from the other team should keep track of the word count.

End of a Turn

Continue drawing a route until one of the following happens:

  1. You reach your chosen port (marker touches anchor icon).
  2. You hit land, a buoy, a mermaid, or a sailboat. (In this case, your opponents should yell, "Crash!")
  3. You remove the marker from the board.
  4. Your teammates exceed the number of words allowed.
  5. Time runs out. (In this case, someone from the other team should say, "Time's Up!")

If you Reached your Port

If you were able to draw a clear route and land your marker in the anchor icon at your chosen port of call, remove your blindfold and marvel at your achievement!

Play passes to the other team. On your team's next turn, draw a new Port of Call card to see where you must go next.

Designate a new player to be captain, who must draw a route from the last port to the new one. Also, note the new word number limit during that leg of the journey.

If you Didn't Reach your Port

If for any reason you don't reach the port on your turn, play passes to the other team.

On your team's next turn, a new player takes on the role of captain and must continue from the point where you left off on the board.

(If that point is on land, use the eraser to go back to the nearest point on water).

The same word number limit applies as on your last turn.

End of the Game

Once your team has reached its third Port of Call, you must return to your home port.

Remember, your teammates may only say a total of two words during this leg of the journey!

The first team to visit all three Ports of Call and return home wins.


#Play without the timer. (Best for younger players). Raise the number of words allowed per leg or use the same number of words for every leg (suggested four).

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