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  • Captain Bones Gold 3D Game Board
  • Navigation Spinner
  • 4 Pirate Pieces
  • 12 Plastic Magnetic Gold Coins
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The first player to collect 3 Gold Coins wins!


Align joining pegs of the game board 2nd section with the slots in the main section of the game board and press it into place. Add trees to the Game Board.

Turning the game on. (The ON/OFF switch is located on the underside of the Game Board).

Game Elements

Navigation Spinner

Switch Places, means to move into the lead position.

This would be the first available position ahead of everyone else on the game board.If you already occupy that space, then you stay where you are.

Spin Again, simply means to respin.

Lose a Turn, means you miss your turn.

The Monkey

  • After each player's turn, they push down the Monkey to activate the Treasure Chest.

  • The Skeleton comes to life. Will someone lose their Gold Coin and have to start over?

The Treasure Chest

  • The Treasure Chest contains the Skeleton who comes to life when the Monkey is pushed down.

  • If the Skeleton grabs a Gold Coin, remove the coin and return it to the Treasure Pit.

  • The Treasure Chest must be closed again at the end of each turn.

Game Play

  1. Every player spins the wheel and the player with the highest number goes first (tied players have a spin-off).

  2. The first player puts a Gold Coin on his Pirate Piece and puts it on the start position. He then spins until he gets a number and advances that many positions.

  3. All the other players repeat step 2 (if you land on another player take the next available space ahead).

  4. The first player spins again and gets either a number or a symbol. If you get a symbol you must obey the instruction (See Game Components). If you land on a number advance that number of places.

  5. At the end of your turn, push down the Monkey.

    If Captain Bones takes your gold you are removed from the island and must start again.

    Put the coin back in the treasure pit.

  6. Each player repeats steps 4 and 5.

  7. If on your turn you pass or land on the finish position, take the Gold Coin as your own treasure and replace it with a Gold Coin from the Treasure Pit. Remember to press the Monkey at the end of your turn.

End of the Game

The game is on until someone can collect 3 Gold Coins!

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