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  • Candy Land path pieces
  • 5 Sweet Stops
  • 16 Treat Tokens
  • Cardboard spinner
  • 5 Pawns with stands
  • Plastic button
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

You're invited to a party at Candy Castle! But before you go you must travel the rainbow path to collect a few sweet treats to bring with you.

The player who collects his treats and arrives first is the guest of honor!


  1. Insert pawns into stands.

  2. Assemble each Sweet Stop with its matching Treat Tokens as shown:

  3. Insert a gumdrop path piece into the front of each Sweet Stop and insert the "start" path piece into the notch in the spinner (see Figure below for an explanation of the pieces).

  4. Now you're ready to build your path!

Build your Path

Beginning with the "start" path piece, add on as many pieces as you like to build your game path. Don't forget to add the Sweet Stops as you're building!

Note: For a shorter game, create a smaller path. Use the character end pieces to close off any open paths. See Figure 3 for an example of full game setup.

Get Ready

  1. Decide how many treat tokens players need to collect before going to the castle. For example, younger players may want to collect only three tokens while older players collect all four.

  2. Place Lord Licorice on any space with his picture. For an easier game, you can choose not to use the Lord Licorice piece.

  3. Each player chooses one of the remaining characters and places it on the start space.

  4. The youngest player goes first. Play passes to the left.

Game Play

  1. On your turn, spin the spinner and move to the closest matching gumdrop or color space. If you spin "doubles" (the pink area on the spinner), spin again and move ahead 2 spaces of that color.

    • If you land on a color space, your turn is over
    • If you land on a gumdrop space, you get to collect a treat (see Collecting Treats below) and move Lord Licorice to any Lord Licorice Space (see Lord Licorice, below). Your turn is now over.
  2. Once you have collected enough treat tokens, you can make your way to Candy Castle.

Lord Licorice

The Lord Licorice pawn acts as a blocker during the game. Each time a player collects a treat, he can choose to leave Lord Licorice on the current spot or move him to a new Lord Licorice space to prevent other players from reaching Sweet Stops.

Players cannot continue on a path that Lord Licorice is blocking. They must either move in a different direction on the path or wait for Lord Licorice to be moved.

Collecting Treats

You collect treats by visiting each Sweet Stop. You'll need to do a special action at each of the four places where you can collect treats:

  • The SS Neapolitan is a ship that sits in Ice Cream Harbor. When you collect an ice cream token here, move the parrot one spot further up the mast.

  • At Snow Flake Lake, slide the ice to the left the frozen gingerbread men.

  • Climb the rocky ledges of Chocoslovakia to collect your treat.

  • Lift the picnic tablecloth at Lollipop Park to find the hidden lollipop treats.

Once you've visited a Sweet Stop and collected its matching treat, you can't collect the same treat from that location again.

End of the Game

The first player to collect his treats and reach the castle wins!

Place the treats you've collected on the castle's steps and spin the dial on the back of the castle so your character's picture shows. You are the guest of honor!

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