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  • 40 Find Me tiles
  • 60 Keep Me cards
  • Rulebook

Note before playing: We've included rules for two different games, depending on the ages and skills of the players in your group.

For younger players or for play with mixed age groups, try Finders Keepers. For more experienced players, try Expert Finders Keepers.

Object of the Game

Be the first player to collect all of your Keep Me cards in your Keepers pile.


  • Shuffle the Keep Me cards and deal out 12 to each player (10 if playing with five or six players). All players should spread out their Keep Me cards face up in front of them.

  • Shuffle and stack the Find Me tiles to form a face down draw pile in the center of the playing area.

Game Play

The first player to spot something colored blue in the room starts the game and play continues to the left. On your turn, reveal the top Find Me tile for all to see. (Place it face up next to the draw pile to start the discard pile).

All players now look at their Keep Me cards to see if that object appears on any of their cards.

If you can find that object on any of your Keep Me cards, take those cards and place them face down in your Keepers pile near your playing area. Look carefully as some objects may be upside down or hidden behind other objects!

After all players have looked through all of their Keep Me cards and added to their Keepers piles, the player to the left reveals the next


In this example, all of the circled cards have a rubber duck that matches the Find Me tile, so they get collected.

End of the Game

The first player to collect all of his Keep Me cards in his Keepers pile wins the game.

If more than one player places her final Keep Me card in her Keepers pile on the same turn, then all of those players are winners!

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