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Adjacent: You can choose a shaman/megalith in one of the eight spaces surrounding the megalith.

Move: You can move a shaman/megalith orthogonally or diagonally. When you move a megalith to be under a shaman, this does not activate the megalith.

Remember: Each space can only contain one shaman and one megalith.

  • Chaos of the Giants

    (Beginner, start)

    Banish an enemy shaman that is in a space in your first row.

  • Sanctuary of the Ages


    Move a megalith one space.

  • Cairn of Dawn

    (Beginner, start)

    Add a shaman from your village to a space in your first row.

  • Tumulus of Shadows

    Banish the shaman from this megalith.

  • Cromlech of the Stars


    Move the shaman from this megalith to another megalith.

  • Stormwell

    Swap the locations of two megaliths in the field.

  • Pillars of Spring


    After this turn, it is your turn.

  • Fairies Circle

    Move an enemy shaman one space.

  • Alley of Dusk

    (Beginner) Banish an enemy shaman adjacent to this megalith.

  • Haven of Purity

    Move another friendly shaman one space.

  • Deer Rock

    (Beginner) Move a shaman adjacent to this megalith one space.

  • Memorial Mound

    Flip an Action tile.

  • Menhir of the Dancers


    Move the shaman from this megalith one space.

  • Source of Silver

    Replace a megalith in the field with one of the two upcoming megaliths. Tuck the replaced megalith under the deck and draw a new upcoming megalith.

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